14 Career Options For People Who Love Food!

14 Career Options For People Who Love Food!


Food is a basic human need. Increasingly, food is seen as more than a biological need. From culinary tours to exotic cooking classes, people are demanding culinary experiences and adventures like never before. The food industry itself is huge and filled with diverse and interesting careers.

Last week, we covered 10 Jobs for People Who Love to Travel. Today, we have ’10 jobs for people who love food’ for you below:

1. Catering Director:
When people host special events, having great food is a key factor to the success. Catering managers is in charge of creating the menu, ordering food, and overseeing set up, service and take down.

Hotels, event venues, and catering companies all hire catering directors to make sure their clients’ days are perfect.

2. Freelance food writer / Blogger / Video producer on YouTube:
From reviewing restaurants, providing new recipes, to scrutinizing the food industry, there are lots of possibilities for you. You can freelance and write articles for magazines and other websites.

Bloggers can earn money through sponsorships, referrals, and other online advertisements or sell other related products and services (e.g. meal planning, cooking classes, books). It can take a long time to build a following, so don’t count on making this your full-time job right away.

Here are a few tips for you to get started: How To Become A Food Critic.

3. Culinary T0ur Guide:
If you love finding hidden gems of great food in your city, you can share that love with others by becoming a culinary tour guide. Other culinary adventures include cooking class vacations or themed tours (pub crawls, street food tours).

Put together an itinerary on a website, promote it, and see what happens! Build relationships with the featured establishments and they might serve your group something special that is not on the menu.

4. Dietician / Nutritionist:
As people are working at desk jobs and eating fast food, nutrition is an area that needs our attention. Dieticians and nutritionists advise people on what to eat to be healthy or to achieve a health-specific goal (e.g. losing weight or managing an illness). Dieticians commonly work in hospital, health-care organizations, gyms, and research.

5. Food Scientist:
Food scientists commonly work for food manufacturers to discover how to create and improve food products. For example, they may find ways to make chips crispier, extend the shelf life of the product or lower the cost of production by finding alternative ingredients.

6. Food Historian:
Is there a certain type of food you never tired of learning about? Then consider studying its history – biological, cultural significance, and social impact of the food. For example, the profits from the spice trade motivated explorers to discover new trade routes.

7. Food Stylist:
Yes, food needs to be styled for their photoshoots! The food stylist is responsible for making the food look beautiful in the finished photograph. They use a variety of techniques, such as arranging, misting, torching, propping, pinning, and polishing.

8. Food Photographer:
Food photographers collaborate with food stylists during the photoshoot. Restaurants, chefs, food manufacturers all require great photographs for their marketing, menus, and magazines to entice consumers.

9. Executive Chef: As the top dog of the restaurant, executive chefs plans the menu, purchase ingredients, hire staff, and expedite in the kitchen. Typically, it takes -8 years of experience working in a restaurant, starting from a junior cook before one can become an executive chef.

10. Molecular Gastronomist:
Molecular gastronomy combines the science lab and the kitchen. Molecular gastronomy applies the physical and chemical reactions to food ingredients to create new types of food. For example, juices can be made into spheres that explode in the mouth with calcium chloride and alginate. Another technique, flash freezing, creates food that is frozen on the outside and creamy on the inside.

11. Research Chef:
If you don’t want to be involved much in the restaurant  and cooking bit of the food, then be the one who brings edible dishes to life. Sometimes, when  Chef comes up with a new idea for a particular dish, they pass it on to the Research Chef who is supposed to decide upon the key ingredients, flavors that’d blend together, and basically developing a product that’d work out well in the market. They can also be held responsible for packaging, naming testing and marketing of the said product.

12. Culinary Trendologist:
What, you thought only clothes have trends that change? Well, you’re in for a surprise. Food has greatly evolved from the time it came into bring, and with the increasing competition between different Food franchises, that are offering new items by the day, you can be the one who studies, analyzes, and notes down what’s hot in on the menus at any given instant of time. Your job includes knowing what’s being served where, keeping a close eye on the avid food bloggers, tracking down what’s being eaten in what part of the world, and then advising the clients on what to include on their list of ‘Specials’.

13. Restaurant Publicist:
Who do you think helps a newly open eating joint set up it’s root in the highly competitive food market? That’s right! As the Restaurant Publicist, you are responsible for making restaurants get noticed by the masses, hence your job entails approaching Media Houses, Food Bloggers, Magazines, and even Television Show Producers, to get the word out.  

14. Chocolate Explorer:
Well, of course we decided to end the list with something sweet. Your job as the chocolate explorer is bound to take you for a ride through different cocoa plantations across the globe, where you can test the quality of beans, sample the crops from where they come from and check out the pulp, to know what makes your favorite chocolate bar.

BONUS: Work for a company involved in food!

What easier way to indulge your foodie soul by working in a food-filled environment? If you are a web designer, you can design websites for restaurants. If you are in logistics and operations, figure out how to move ingredients efficiently to manufacture your food products.

10 Food-Related Internships on Letsintern

Marketing/Sales Executive
New Delhi
Rs 3000 per month
Apply by 01/01/2015
Intern Writer
Bangalore, New Delhi, Mumbai, Pune
Rs 15000 per month
Apply by 18/01/2015
India Indulge
Content Writing Internship
Anywhere in India
Apply by 03/01/2015
Nutrifit Wellness
Graphic Designer
Rs 4000 per project
Apply by 05/01/2015
Midnight Munchies
Marketing Head
New Delhi
Rs 5000 per month
Apply by 10/01/2015
Sales Maverick
Rs 6000-12000 per month
Apply by 11/01/2015
Urban Online Services
Graphic Design Intern
Rs 3000-5000 per month
Apply by 10/01/2015
House of Bakers
Business Development
New Delhi
Apply by 15/01/2015a
Bakers Circle India
Executive Assistant
New Delhi
Rs 20000 per month
Apply by 31/12/2014
Jyoti Enterprises
Food consultant/technologist
Rs 5000 per month
Apply by 31/12/2014




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