Careers to Consider | DataBase Administrator – 3 things you need to...

Careers to Consider | DataBase Administrator – 3 things you need to know!


Picking up Database Administration as career is indeed lucrative. Undeniably, there is a high demand for these professionals in the market today, and this has lured more and more young and talented programmers and developers to take up database administration as profession. This has, understandably increased the competition by manifolds and if anyone is looking forward to excel and make an illustrious career as a Database Administrator, the individual will have to be not only good, but outstanding, with some unparalleled skills that will help the person stand out of the crowd. Let us discuss some tips that will help in the making of an excellent DBA.

1. Responsibilities:

  • Emphasis on the basic tasks:

UntitledThe very first step and probably the quickest way to become a qualified junior level DBA is to understand and put maximum emphasis on the daily tasks of a DBA and acquiring the obligatory skills and acumen to perform these tasks with perfection.
– Installation of SQL Server:
For this the professional would need to have a comprehensive knowledge of the components of SQL Server like EM and SSMS, Query Analyzer, Profiler, Transaction Log, and some other tools. Besides, a thorough acquaintance about the current edition of SQL Server, and the related hardware, network protocols, operating systems and knowledge about manual, automatic, as well as remote installation is also required. Also, knowledge about restoration, backup and maintenance of database, along with a thorough knowledge about some DBCC commands will be extremely handy.

– Focus on programming techniques with SQL:
This is needed for future growth as a DBA professional. In fact, T-SQL is an extremely important tool, which enables the DBAs to personate their individual styles or process of database management by scripting their important day-to-day tasks that include auditing, restoration and maintenance of backups, performance tuning and so on.

  •  Strategizing:
    If the above-mentioned tasks are for the starters, when it comes to the intermediate DBAs, their tasks mainly encompass:

– Dealing with Data Modeling:
This particular task asks for a comprehensive notion as well as knowledge about the business for which, a database is being built along with a knowledge and expertise of the logical and physical models that are needed to build the database. A proper and sound data model will help not only in the improvement of the performance of the application, but will also drastically reduce the frequency of the maintenance of the database in question.

Untitled– Putting emphasis on performance tuning:
This is another responsibility of the intermediate DBA professionals, wherein they need to have a considerable amount of skill and expertise in table and index architecture, index building, server, session and database options, proper way to use profiler for optimizing and auditing the SQL and DBCC statements, and so on.

– Putting stress on Advanced Management:
This is the gateway to become a senior DBS expert. The key to being so is having a sound knowledge ofVBScript, SQL-DMO, DTS, replication, and so on. In order to be creative in SQL Server System management, one needs to have a sound knowledge about VBScript.

2. Tasks for the Senior DBAs:
The tasks of the senior DBAs are cut out and include:
– Focusing on the soft skills:
The senior DBAs are required to spend a sizeable amount of time dealing with the requirement analysis with the clients, and providing leadership to the other members of the team. When it comes to providing leadership, things like soft skills, time management, communicating with various channels in a seamless way, negotiation,and the likes play more roles that are more pivotal than technical acumen.

– Putting more focus on the innovations: It is the ultimate step to excel as a DBA professional. Innovation is basically using the currently available technology as well as resources for creating newer methods and processes, with a view to come up with better and more feasible solutions, in terms of time as well as economic efficiency.

3. Things that a tenured DBA professional should know:
Now that these steps have helped in the making of a successful DBA professional, let us discuss the ‘things’ that tenured professionals need to be aware of. A Database Administrator must be aware of the difference between InnoDB and MyISAM, between Merge tables and NDB storage. Another thing that these individuals need to know is performance tuning. This, along with performance building, is the very bottom line to setup an awesome server..

  • Monitoring:
    This is another very critical knowledge that a tenured DBA needs to master. The individual needs to know when a particular server has too many connections without having enough memory, or if the server is gradually running out of adequate disk space.
  • Continue to learn:
    This is another crucial aspect that needs to be done. Things change in this fraternity at the drop of a hat. Hence, it is crucial to be up to date with the changing technology and the new features of the newly innovated versions and plug-ins, even schedulers and built-in partitioning.
  • Conclusion:
    In the world of MySQL, to be dependable DBA professionals mean contributing back to the community. Though this does not mean leading a session at any conference of the MySQL users; this surely means mastering numerous ways of contributing to the server codes, and working with a lot of passion. This is important to yield the best results and excelling as a true DBA professional. Money is of course important – yet it is the satisfaction of doing something perfect and drawing accolades, rewards and recognition is what is more important.

There are a number of Database administrators in the market. Each one is trying to make the best out of the effort they put in. The ambition of a DBA professional should be not to leave any stone unturned in order to ensure that the person stands out of the crowd and means really something serious for the businesses that are always in the hunt for the best database administrators.

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