Checklist of 8 Status Updates to create an awesome LinkedIn profile!

Checklist of 8 Status Updates to create an awesome LinkedIn profile!


three-steps-to-sucessful-linkedin-netowrking1. Share news of your Target Companies.
You must be having the list of companies you want to work for- Start following those companies. This will help you getting all the news updates of them as they keep sharing it through their LinkedIn Company status updates. You can share those news in your status.

2. Make updates on what you are working on.

Share your professional life. mention about the interesting things you are working on each day. This will let other people as well as recruiters know different aspects of your work and it will create a good impact on your profile.

3. Share your advice, opinion and the interesting things you have read.
Most of the time you come across very good posts that is worth sharing- tell your audience about it. It can improve your social network and may be you are seen as an important resource. Its just a matter or a link you need to share. Mentioning your opinion with the post is something that might make you more noticeable. Only thing you need to take care of is beware of controversial opinions.

4. Ask questions
Engaging your audience by asking questions is the best way to highlight yourself. Questions always demand for feedback and getting involved in discussion shows that you care about their opinion. It is a way to engage your network. Questions must not be regarding job search, instead ask about new technology or something related to work.

5.  Share career related tips and tricks.
You must share posts that can help other professionals in grooming their skills such as time management, success stories, new tools or software or new trends. You can easily get these tips through Pulse, Influencers, industry publications and newsletters and so on.

6.  Share motivational quotations
Sharing motivational quotes can inspire, educate and encourage people in your network. The kind of thoughts you share tells about your thought process and the kind of things you value. Do credit the source of the quotation you are sharing.

7. Mention about the events you are with
You can tell your connections about the event you are the part of. You can share the link and description of the event with your connections, May be other people might be interested in attending the same event.

8. Share important posts and discussions from your networks
Sharing something interesting from your other networks makes your post popular as well your connections notice about your activities in other platforms too.

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