Behind creating – The Online Movie Apparel Portal

Behind creating – The Online Movie Apparel Portal


Who doesn’t want to look like their favorite film stars? Almost every second Indian fancies aping them. Their dressing style, mannerisms, costumes, accessories. You love a dress that the actress/actor has put on but have no clue where you can find it? gets you the answer.

Precisely, this web portal redirects you to the exact or similar match of clothing and accessories you are looking for, from the hundreds of e-commerce websites available, thus making a market for these and also making money for themselves. What initially started as a trend recommendation engine is now heading towards building a fashion social network. Through this, you can follow your favorite actor/actress’ trends, your favourite boutiques and fashion stores, get updates from them.

Founded by two students from IIIT-Hyderabad, has won accolades by becoming a favourite among people. The founders Mr Chinmay Rajula, Mr Mamidi Raja had this interest in technology ever since they were students. This is not their first undertaking; they had launched two websites earlier.

Mr Chinmay Rajula says, “We started our first experiment at the age of 21. It was We were the first ones to introduce a mock counselling service in Andhra Pradesh. We were the 2nd runners up in International Service innovation challenge held at ISB 2010. Later we started Search4Campus to address the same problem of students in NCR region. Clapone started as an experiment, and turned into a business.” is a fruition of the incubator at Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, IIIT-Hyderabad. When asked about mentoring, they said that though they had initially struggled to make a mark, they never gave up. At the beginning they were worried about making a proper team, and the scalability of their venture. But through mentoring, they could catch up with the areas they were missing in, i.e. intricate details about revenue and finance.

They have unique visitor strength of 50k, 2.6 Lakh page-views since its launch in April 2013. And more than 5k subscribed users. They are proving that, inspiration and a will to do something different can lead us to follow our dreams. When asked about their inspiration, ‘Richard Branson’ was the reply.

Their aim is to make Clapone being sought after for fashion, like what Google is to search, YouTube is to videos, and Facebook is to find friends.

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