Climate Counsellor Internship With ICCE – Apply Now

Climate Counsellor Internship With ICCE – Apply Now

Here is a Climate Counsellor Internship with ICCE for you to apply to channel your best qualities and emerge as a leader of the future.


Climate Counsellor Internship with ICCE to bring about a green change.
Climate Counsellor Internship with ICCE to bring about a green change.

Be more aware of the environment, emerge as a leader and get ready to walk on the green, shiny path of success with Climate Counsellor Internship with ICCE.

The International Centre for Culture & Education or ICCE is an autonomous body, accepted and duly recognised by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, i.e UNFCCC. And, to make Indian students a part of its green plan, ICCE is looking for Climate Counsellors to take on the mantle of changing the future for the better.

What is it all about?

A Climate Counsellor Internship with ICCE can allow students to channel in their leadership qualities and become core communicators for the program. Students are given a platform to inform and use their communication skills to bring more people to the Green (R)evolution Program and spread awareness on the raging issue of Climate Change and conservation.

Climate Change is a real issue and the motive behind this one of its kind Green Revolution program on Climate Change is to engage more and more people and make them more sensitive towards the changing face of things and contribute towards Action Against Climate Change.

Each Green (R)evolution Climate Counsellor is entitled to rebate and certificate with official logos on successful completion of their deliverable’s.

What can you gain from it?

As a Climate Counsellor, you can set your pocket jingling and be entitled to rebate as well as a Climate Counsellor certificate with the official logo of ICCE.

And, while the certificate will look brilliant on your resume, it will give you a chance to work with a reputed organisation committed to doing something different and saving the environment.

Internship Details:

No. of positions: 10

Apply by: 27th Jan `18

Stipend: Rs. 2500-5000

Interested in the position? Apply for it here. And explore more internship options with Letsintern.