Top 10 Coders of April | Letsintern-Hackerrank Code Challenge results are here!

Top 10 Coders of April | Letsintern-Hackerrank Code Challenge results are here!


The Letsintern-Hackerrank Code Challenge for the month of April came to end a few days back, with over 4000 students participating to make it to the LeaderBoard of top 10 people and win the title of ‘Super Coder of the month’.

The programming skills of students were tested across various categories with 3 attempts being awarded for every question. The winners get cash prizes, free credits, free upgrades to premium account on Letsintern, exclusive badges and a lucky few get a chance to intern with us!

We had a brief chat with the top 10 coders of this month and here is what they had to say.

Debanjan Chanda, student of NIT, Durgapur, who is in his fourth semester of Master of Computer Applications(MCA), discovered Letsintern on one of the discussion groups of his college and decided to take up the Code Challenge, staying number 1, right from the start.

“I had my first computer class when I was in standard 5. I learned basic , Pascal and logo during my school days. Since then, coding is something that I really enjoy doing other than mathematics. After 12th, I decided to go into Computer Science, as I believed it will give me ample opportunity to do what I’d love to do for a living – Code,” he told us.

Jitin Tanwar, who secured the 3rd place in the Code Challenge, found the questions a little too easy to crack. “I have been doing competitive programming on websites like CodeChef and HackerEarth, since quite some time,” he reveaed, while telling us that he aspires to take up software development in the future. He is a Computer Science student at Jamia Milia Islamia, Delhi.

According to Manvi Anand, second year student of B.Tech(Computer Science), from JIIT, Noida, who scored 4th place, “The questions were of different levels, starting from the basic that moved on to some really tough ones. Some of them were tricky and required application of concepts that we’ve studied in B.Tech. Overall it was a great experience and helped us to test our knowledge. A great effort by Letsintern.”

“I’m looking to work in the IT ndustry and would like to start by working as a coder in the beginning before moving onto a more managerial role.” She added.

Azad Singh, student of VIT, Vellore, found a few questions mind-boggling and regarded the whole experience as a good one. “When you code, there are always some test cases you are bound to miss,” he said, “That made me push harder to get them right.” He managed to bagged the 5th place on the LeaderBoard.

When asked, what got him into coding, he recalls, “I have always been fascinated by puzzles and problems that require logical thinking. This was my main motivation behind choosing Computer Science as it gives you the valuable opportunity to test your problem solving abilities,”

Considering Microsoft as his dream place to be in, he told us how being a Computer Science student gave him an extra advantage in the challenge. “ You are aware of the tools and languages which can help you a lot when you are faced with questions that are not easy to crack,” he adds.

On the 6th place, we had Prashant Kumar, 2nd year Computer Science student from Delhi technological University, who described the questions as “an overall package from easy to difficult”. He elaborated about his interest in Computer Science saying,”Computer Science involves logical thinking and not just rote learning. A simple code can do a lot of things. Exploring it’s potential is what keeps me motivated to code more.”

Monica Raghuwanshi, who finished 8th in the Code Challenge, is a student of JIIT, Noida, pursuing her B.Tech in Computer Science, said that the questions were not difficult, but they were tricky, for anyone who didn’t have a formal education in Computer Science or had a chance to practice their coding skills.
“I enjoyed solving the questions and will surely attempt the coming challenges. I plan to secure a good job in a reputed IT company, because of my interest in programming,” she told us.

The LeaderBoard closed with Varun Chepuri on the 10th position, a 3rd year Computer Science student from Institute of Aeronautical Engineering, Hyderabad, who described his experience as a good one, where he got to compete with people throughout the country.
“The questions were tricky. It was more of an analytical challenge combined with the basics of programming language. I’m looking forward to participate in the coming challenges, is I have any free time on my hands,” he explains.
He considers developing as his passion and would love to code for a living by entering into the IT industry. “If there is a scope of C or C++, that’d be great,” he says.

Upendra Singh, student of NIT, Bhopal stood 2nd while Sandeep Singh from Jamia Hamdard University, made it to the 9th position.




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