College Admissions | Are you made for the hostel life?

College Admissions | Are you made for the hostel life?

Introspect and decide if you can lead the perfectly imperfect hostel life. Read on to analyse before your college admissions begin.


College Admissions
Hostels are the best!

“Amusing” is the word for the much-celebrated hostel world. With your present life spinning around your College Admissions, you need to really judge if you are made for the hostel. While breaking-out-of-the-homely-shackles is the “it” thing happening for some, it may send quivers down the student soul for some. In this article, we mention few perks and murks of leading a college life. Read on to finally decide whether you will be moving out of your house for College Admissions, or bring home the joy of college life!

The ‘messy’ Mess

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Yes, the Mess will be a mess. Forget about lip smacking dishes that Mommy cooked for you or Daddy at times paid for. Hostels will treat you with food that is not only distasteful but actually start sucking your existing nutrition. Remember how hostellers loose all those extra kilos? HAIL Hostels |_o_|

But this can be a perk– if you really wanted to lose weight. Hostel life can also make you gain a habit of having juices and healthy food outside the mess. Hostels also teach you how to survive on bizarre food items, so much that you can compete with our very own Wild Man, Bear Grylls. The choice is yours.

Scoot Scoot, how will you commute?

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Not everyone brings wheels to colleges! College is really not a KJo movie, aspiring students! So, you need to forget how your parents chaperoned you everywhere or gave you enough privileges to reach any place. Hostels can really make you wish for teleportation powers!

On the contrary, you learn how to manage your own life without any privileges your parents blessed you with. Also, if your hostel happens to be on the college campus, kudos to walking the distance! Give your FitBit some life.

You are alone (not really)

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If you fancy solitude and the freedom you can have in hostels, making hostel your homely abode will be a perk for you. But if you dread on being lonely at times or can’t feel the isolation, hostels- nuh-uh, not your thing. You may start missing your family and often fall homesick, but you also taste independence and self-reliance. Choose what you can tolerate and then push yourself into a little uncomfortable zone; only to learn about life.

When Studying is your College Goal

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Hostels can be your sacred studying space. If you are the all-work-no-play kind and if you came to college for the sole purpose of absorbing all the knowledge, hostels can be helpful. Also, if you really think, living in a hostel doesn’t allow your siblings or parents to bother you in your Me time. Unless you are a Studious Medusa, who turns all the notes into stone and can never let the knowledge escape, your room is your Gurukul.

Break that shell, you Oyster!

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Hostel and College life teaches you more than your classroom. As they say, an experience is the best teacher you can get. It is quintessential for you to break free from the limitations you feel you have. Hostels teach you the process of adulting in an epic way. So, get out of that homely shell and be the shiny pearl you are! Remember, humans also consume oysters, so learn the hardships of life– the hostel way!

So, Are you the perfect Cutout of a hostel inmate? Do you think you can live the chaotically adorable hostel life? Let us know in the Comments. You might also like:

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