College Admissions | Why you should choose a college within your city

College Admissions | Why you should choose a college within your city

Worried about leaving home for College Admissions? We give you 5 reasons to choose colleges within your city! Because, Home Sweet Home.


College Admissions
College is where the home is 🙂 (BlogSpot)

Yes. College Admissions have become a focus area in the lives of so many aspiring college students this summer. And the more disquieting factor here is making that very first choice – choosing a college.

So many factors affect this life-framing decision. One is whether you should choose a college within your city (close to home sweet home). Or should you go on board with a hostel? Let us help you through this decision. Below are 5 points that can make you choose your home over hostels, any day.

Home Is Where Your Freedom Is

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If you choose to commute to your college from home every day, imagine how awesome it will be! You get up in the morning and will probably have nothing to worry about. The breakfast will be ready, clothes will be washed on time. Other than the fact that it will be super comfortable like always, you will have the perks of not having a warden to monitor your moves. You won’t have any time restrictions or curfews! You can bring your friends over for sleepovers and even have a party 😉

The Brilliant Food Situation

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Exactly my point! You get all your meals nicely prepared for you. You even have the option of dining out with or without family, because waiting to receive money will not be a thing to worry. You get to have awesome family dinners. Choose a college within your city if you love a stocked refrigerator, accessible 24 x 7.

Your Heavenly Abode

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 Yes. You will not face situations like dirty bedsheet covers or messy unhygienic surroundings. Your home will always give you free WiFi, clean washrooms and people you love to be with. Choosing a college within your city lets you attend every family function because you don’t have to travel XYZ kilometres and crash your cousin’s wedding by being late! You will always have your siblings as your minions and at times BFFs. And on top of that, you will never be vulnerable embarrass yourself in awkward situations because hello! Privacy.

Your Mommy/Mumma/Mummy/Ma/Mom/Everything

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Do I need to say anything anymore? This is the mother of all the reasons! #PunIntended.

You have a new Journey, every day

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Day Scholars have to commute to colleges, every day. You get to travel a little (at least twice). And every time it is a new memoir to cherish! Imagine how you can someday sit and swoon over this nostalgic moment! Other than that you also have the prettiest privilege over any hosteller– having your school/ childhood friends around! 🙂

The dictum is: Home=1 and Hostel = 0. So, get your college admissions sorted in such a way that you get the best of both worlds!

Let us know what you think and are planning to do in the comments. You might also like:

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