College Admissions: College or College Societies

College Admissions: College or College Societies

Which way the college admissions swing? Towards the brand name of the college, course offered or the college societies?


College society or college, whichever you choose, choose with care.
College society or college, whichever you choose, choose with care.

Delhi University colleges are as famous for their various societies, as they for their studies. While DU in itself is a big brand name, many a times people are left confused between which college to choose and which to not. With college admissions going in full swing and the last day to register under ECA (Extra Curricular Activities) just gone by, aspirants are in a hurry to decide between the college of their choice and the preferred college society.

Popularity of Societies

Many students getting admission under the ECA quota are determined to choose a college based on the popularity of the societies. For them, the course and the name of the college occupies the second place.

“While making the final decision, I will definitely keep in mind factors such as environment and facilities.”

“However, the biggest factor will be how good the drama society is in that particular college”, says Aishwarya Pandey.

She got selected under the drama category and her first preference will be the drama society of the college she chooses.While there are many like her, there are a few who are singing on a different note.

College is most important

There are many aspirants like Khushi Jain, who will look at the name of the college, the course she wants to pursue and how good or bad it will be to pursue that subject from that particular college before deciding.

“For me, the popularity of the societies matters to an extent but my final decision will be based on how good the college is.”

Said Khushi, adding that she has already chosen the college she wants to take admission in.

Driving force

While the opinion is varied, we wonder what is or what should be the driving force. How important is the college society and how important is the name of the college? In the past few years, we have seen a trend emerge with college admissions being mainly based on the reputation of the colleges rather than the course offered.

We could not help, but wonder if something similar was happening, but a closer look helped us understand the situation better.

Making the right choice

The choice of a college should be balanced. That is, weightage should be given to both the name of the college and course offered and the society. However, the distribution of the weight should be at the discretion of the candidate and should be based on what they want to pursue in the future. What kind of jobs they want, which field they want to be in and so on.

Whatever you decide and based on whichever factor, be prepared to work hard and excel. We have noticed that internships help a lot in getting ahead in one’s career. Whether you go for virtual internships or summer internships or spend your winters doing a winter internship, internships always pay in the long run.

In this important junction of your life, make the right decisions and go all out to achieve your goals. And whenever you feel lost, know that Letsintern is here for you.