College Admissions| Top 5 Drama Societies in Indian Colleges

College Admissions| Top 5 Drama Societies in Indian Colleges

With College Admissions being the talk of the town, here is a list of top Drama Societies from Indian Colleges. For the love of performances, read on!


College Admissions
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College Admissions are the red-hot burning topic these days. A top college is what everyone desires. But, in this populated nation of talented Gen Y, what does ‘top college’ even mean? Which ever college caters to your overall refinement in the best way shall be your pick. That being said, this article is dedicated to all the thespians in India. Students who have aced in their ECA, here is a list of top 5 Drama Societies in Indian Colleges.

1. The Players, Kirori Mal College

Number of Players: 50

This Theater Group Society flourished under the tutelage of Frank Thakurdas. The Players has an austere history of 52 years. KMC hosts its inter-college theatre festival annually and showcases and judges the best college street and stage play of the year in a non-competitive format. Its members receive training in theatre arts.

Few of their pronounced performances are Howard Bertrand’s play, Weapons of Happiness, Certificate 16, Viraag and Gaon ka Vikaas.

Notable Alumni has legendary actors like Amitabh BachchanShakti KapoorKulbhushan Kharbanda. It has also polished directors like Satish Kaushik Ali Abbas Zafar.

2. Upstage, Gargi College

The troupe commenced in 1986 and presently contains 15 members known for performances that hit the headlines. Apurvah Sahay Aarzoo, Convenor, Upstage proudly says, “We work day and night to live our work, to teach new young aspiring artists, give birth to the unimaginable, the unreachable depths of the soul and society. We are all performers, a part of the bigger play.”

 Some of Upstage’s most well-known performances are Anugaman (2015), The Blindspot (2013) and The Audition (2014).

3. The Playhouse, St. Xavier’s, Mumbai

With 8 committee members and 100 plus registered members, The Playhouse is the ultimate training a thespian would love. They organise workshops and sessions for various nuanced attributes for a performance. They also conduct lessons in poetry and music, method acting, script writing/editing along with the technical aspects of a theatre (light and sound). Their famous theatre festival, Ithaka is appreciated a lot.

Basically, if you are an enrolled Xavier, Mumbai student, who yearns to be in/around a theatre, The Playhouse is your house to play in!

4. The Drama Club, BITS, Goa

Number of dramatists: 40

This tightly knit family of performers is woven with talent. With both street plays and stage plays being their forte, The Drama Club, BITS produces 3 plays each year. What counts for their extravagant performance is their relentless practice and gruelling rounds of auditions.

Their most notable performances have been those of the plays Colourblind (written by Manav Kaul) and Red, a play that won a Tony Award (written by John Logan).

5. Kirdar, Ashoka University, Sonepat

This newbie in town showcases 30 talented thespians from Ashoka University. Kirdar is the dedicated output of students who have an admiration for self-expression and respect for liberal arts. Kirdar is open for any Ashokan. They dedicate themselves to produce at least 1 piece every academic year.

At Biswamil, 2015 (O.P Jindal’s Cultural Festival), Kirdaar’s Street play team bagged the numero uno position and the Stage play team won third.

Shakespeare told us that the world is a stage. College Admissions and the life following them is going to be a beautiful phase. Cherish it from every nook and corner, because soon it will fade away!

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