College student and looking for easy money? | 6 reasons why a...

College student and looking for easy money? | 6 reasons why a BPO job is perfect for you.


Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), is now well established as a professional discipline, a knowledge-based management practice and a high-value business model, says Manish Sharma, Senior Managing Director for Accenture BPO Global Delivery. This industry is growing at high double digit rates, generating direct employment above the per capita income. In addition to this it is also providing massive foreign exchange gains and offering jobs to youngsters/ freshers in large numbers, which in turn increases migration from smaller towns to bigger cities; in brief a plus for the economy upliftment.

As a college student, where internships are a good way to earn experience and add value to your resume, part-time jobs in BPO aren’t a bad idea either.

Following are 6 reasons why a BPO job is perfect for a college student like you:

1. Minimal to zero qualifications required:
You can might as well be a high-school student looking for ways to spend quality time and earning some pocket money on the side while you’re at it. The best thing about BPO jobs is that there is no particular degree even, as long as you have good communication and capable of holding a conversation with people. Patience is the key virtue here, as you might have to deal with unhappy customers sometimes.

The bottom line is that, a fresh graduate is just as much suitable for a BPO job, as is a first year college student of any discipline. However,having a technical qualification or experience, could help you in achieving a better understanding of the specialised fields such as technical and medical outsourcing, but then again, it is not a necessity.

2. No longer asking your parents for money:
BPO companies are known for providing high salaries. A BPO employee at Infosys can easily make up to 2LPA. Apart from that there are excellent remuneration packages with incentives compared to the other jobs in MNCs. With more experience one can expect a salary raise. Employees are provided with medical insurance which can also extend to the entire family of the concerned employee. Transport facilities are also provided, especially for girls carrying out night shifts.

3. Free Mock Interview everyday:
As a college student, you’d be sitting for campus placements soon, where you’d be given a job offer based on your performance in one or multiple interviews. When you have random questions thrown at you, in varying tone of voice, from people you don’t know, on a regular basis at a BPO job, it helps you get over the initial hesitation of being in a similar situation for your interviews. If you do this long enough, you’d be more than used to the whole set up, which means you don’t have to separately prepare for interviews night and day. Your nervousness will be reduced substantially and you’d be ready to take on anybody as far as interviews go.

4. Something to talk about in interviews:
A BPO job definitely gives you something to mention under the ‘past experience’ column in your resume, but you can also use it to break ice in interviews. Since you have serviced clients as the part of your job, you can use that as a strength, telling your prospective employers how dealing with clients and getting the job done will be no problem for you, as you’ve successfully done it in the past. You can vouch for your convincing skills as well, along with your of course your ninja skills of public speaking and communicating.

5. Flexibility of Schedule:
BPO jobs come in various formats. Some of them are 7 days a week, while some of them can easily be limited to only weekends. You can also find part-time opportunities, where you attend classes during the day and work in night shifts. Of course, this will require super time management skills. Some jobs give you a chance to take up a shift on alternate days or three days of the week. You just need to find one that is suitable for you.

6. Switching jobs is a piece of cake:
Since the BPO industry isn’t particularly demanding of any discipline, it is easier to switch into a completely different career track anytime you want. This means you can take up a job in your core subject after graduation through your college’s placement cell, where you can use your experience in the BPO industry to understand the customer’s point of view on everyday things. You also have the option of rising above in the BPO corporate ladder, if it suits you in the end. Either way you’d always have a back-up plan in your BPO job, if nothing works out.

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