College Course Choices | These Engineering Students Are In A Tight Spot

College Course Choices | These Engineering Students Are In A Tight Spot

The Choice-Based Credit System bore many benefits for students. A recent College Course issue doesn't say the same. Let us dig a little deeper.


Choice Based College Course:  Yay or Nay?
Choice Based College Course:
Yay or Nay?(apolloengg)

With UGC’s grant for credit based education, the Choice-Based Credit System (CBCS) is a programme that lets students choose their college course for every semester. Students can choose CoreElective and Foundation subjects to pass any semester. Credits are vital to up your grades. Students who were not a part of the CBCS are now in a pickle!

The Latest NEWS

Many third year Engineering students are now attending classes, learning subjects that are not part of their syllabus only to qualify the required attendance criteria. As the CBCS counts course credits as the eligibility criteria to take exams. Not only that, some colleges are asking students to study at home and come to college only for their examination.

The situation sprouted for students who were part of the non-Choice Based Credit System (CBSC) scheme during the second year but had a supplementary exam to clear. These students who qualified to move to the third year with a ‘year back’ now have to attend lectures for students who are part of the CBCS scheme.

The Students’ Take ON CBCS

Students feel that not attending classes for subjects that are part of their syllabus will affect their academic results. A faculty member of a college said that although CBCS scheme and non-CBCS scheme students had two subjects in common, the syllabus was entirely different. “How can we write the exams without sitting for lectures. College authorities say that they cannot conduct classes for us as the non-CBCS batch students are very few,” a student said.

VTU introduced the CBCS in 2015–16.

Although Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU) has ordered engineering colleges to conduct parallel classes for them, college managements are refusing to do so citing either inadequate infrastructure or lack of enough faculty members.

All India Democratic Students’ Organisation vice-president Ravinandan B.B. said the university should ensure that engineering colleges conduct parallel classes for third-year students and initiate action against colleges that do not conduct the classes. “Moreover, the University should ensure that the same mistake is not repeated next year, and scrap the critical year and year back systems for non-CBCS students,” he said.

Several VTU students had started an online petition demanding to scrap of the ‘year back’ and ‘critical year’ concepts for non-CBCS students last month. Many of them had to write as many as 16 examinations as the university had delayed announcing the re-evaluation results.

Let us wait and see how colleges manage to dissolve this issue with the college course for the students who are suffering.