College Hacks: 5 Simple Internet Tricks That Make Your Life Better

College Hacks: 5 Simple Internet Tricks That Make Your Life Better

College Hacks are life savers when needed! Try these awesome tricks to simplify your life!




What do you think is the best invention man could ever achieve? I believe washing machines are utter brilliance! Anyway, the internet is the most successful invention ever (heartiest apologies to the wheel and the printing press!). You can use the internet to your productive output with these college hacks. Use these trick to make your college life easier.

1. College Hacks For The Movie Maniacs

The days when you can’t afford Netflix subscription and still crave those bingeing movie sessions. For such moments here is how you can find free movie links that can be downloaded. All you need is a decent internet connection. You can also try for movies, songs, pictures. Just try different file formats (pdf, jpegs, .mp4).

Google “Index Of Big Bang Theory” or “Index Of The Godfather” 

2. College Hacks For The Studious Ones


For the days when you have to study for an important exam, you might like to go through few sample question papers or may take few mock tests. Use this hack to solve your problems:

Google “site: edu [subject] exam”. You’ll find tons of sample and similar exam questions.

3. College Hacks For The Short Cut Lovers


If you want to edit an online image in Microsoft Paint, paste the image URL directly into MS Paint to open it. You can now easily edit your jpeg without downloading it.

4. For The .GIf Lovers


.Gif(s) are fun, no doubt! If you are super fond of gifs and like experimenting a little, try this awesome hack: add “gif” before “”. This will redirect you to a page where you can edit your video into a timed gif of your choice.

5. One Of The Most Handy College Hacks


This is the most useful trick for college students. Many times we need to edit out a few things from an image. Project Naptha is a browser extension that allows you to select, copy, modify, erase, and translate text in images.
Use these awesome college hacks to make your life simple and easy! For more updates, internship tips, college life stories– stay tuned to Letsintern.