College Hacks: Learn How Successful People Manage Their Sleep

College Hacks: Learn How Successful People Manage Their Sleep

Oversleeping and not getting enough sleep both can mess your routine. Read about these college hacks and hours of sleep the successful people get!


Sleep Like a Baby
Sleep Like a Baby

I have never been a punctual person. #TrueStory. All my life I struggled to manage time for tasks pinned right after I had a good night’s sleep. And the embarrassing part is that I sleep like a baby, even at the age of 23! In school days I would mostly be late for the morning assembly. In college, I once missed my Viva Voce because I forgot to get up on time. I have no idea why I have this trait but I  have been told it’s my sleep. Even at my first job, I have failed to mend my ways (apologies, Boss). If you can relate to me on this and before it is too late for you, use these college hacks to know how to manage your sleep.

The college hacks are taken from successful people like Elon Musk, Bill Gates and Richard Branson.

You must already know that we sleep only let our brain rest. This tricky organ plays various games with us (itself). We are so much obsessed with the “fixed-hour” sleep ritual that whenever we fail to miss it, our brain tricks us into feeling tired and groggy. Have a look at the sleep patterns of these famously successful people:

Bill Gates

Everyone knows Bill Gates and everyone knows that he sleeps 7 hours a day.

Elon Musk

The CEO and product architect for Tesla Motors lives his successful life after he naps for 6 hours every day!

Marrisa Mayer

The CEO of multi-million dollar company, Yahoo! sleeps for 5 hours a day. She also worked with Google as the spokesperson and usability reader.

Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos, an American investor and commercial magnate, famous for the online web service (Amazon) that caters to every need of its customers manages to function well with a sleep time of 7 hours every day.

Ellen Degeneres

This adorable person, wondrous comedian, fabulous host and a splendid Television host manages her super busy schedule quite effectively. She has been doing this for decades, all through her success. She manages to yank 8 hours every day for a peaceful nap!

Neil Patel

Best known for his digital marketing acumen, Neil Patel also sleeps 8 hours a day.

So, if you really want to be successful in life, utilise your time and resources judiciously. For more college hacks, stay tuned.