College Life: 10 Anxieties Every Student Suffers From

College Life: 10 Anxieties Every Student Suffers From

These 10 situations are bound to make any college student anxious about their college life. Well, at times, maybe!


College life
College life is not always a walk in the park! (MetaMedia)

Everyone is scared of something on this planet. Fear is a funny thing. But what we fear in our college life as students doesn’t seem funny. At least not when we are facing these fears, getting anxious every day. Below are 10 of these anxieties that most of the college students suffer from, day and night. Let us read and try to relate with these.

1. The Exam Fever

Whenever these are around, they surely turn up the heat. And that too not in a really good way! So many students suffer from exam fever! After all, how much studying is enough?

2. Failing-The-Test Syndrome

Going blank, remembering nothing during a test really freaks out any student. Plus, remember the test times when you can’t remember the syllabus but a song!

3. Wardrobe Questions

Haven’t you been asking these questions since day 1? For your freshers, for your weekend parties, for your daily casuals and ultimately for the graduation day? You have! And there are no blissful answers. Hence, anxiety.

4. Internship Ambiguities

This is the live nightmare that every third or final year student faces. You have anxious questions like where should you intern and how much would you learn. And when you do have an internship, you think about all the could have(s), should have(s), would have(s)!

5. Short-Term Memory Losses

Remember the times when you forget that you forgot something? Err…? Yes, you probably forgot this too!

6. Worry, Worry And More Worry

And who could forget about the endless days and weeks of diving deep into worrying about everything? You tend to worry about your childhood, life

7. Regretting Missing Those Classes

Come on! Every student has had these regretful moments as soon as they decided to skip classes.

8. What-After-Four-Years?

Oh! Blame the human nature. Our habits of perpetually thinking about what is coming in the near future. Yes, the times we are going to face after our college life ends scares us.

9. Adulting….?

Transitioning from teens to tweens and then suddenly taking the control of your own life in each sector can be pretty intimidating! Thinking about it gives enough jitters.

10. Procrastinating Till Graduation

Yes, we all have been through this or will go through this. You will have unfinished projects, incomplete assignments even the day your graduate and these unrested souls will haunt you.

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