College Life: Best Quotes For Your T- Shirt

College Life: Best Quotes For Your T- Shirt

Have fun in your college life. Opt for these witty quotes the next time you buy tees!


College Life:  Time To Get Your Swag On (viennawurstelstand)
College Life:
Time To Get Your Swag On (viennawurstelstand)

“Quotation, n: The act of repeating erroneously the words of another.”

Yes, and this generation is so much fascinated with popular phrases that we have literally started wearing them! How many times have you seen your college mates wearing fabulous quotes on their T- shirts? College life is tailored to have fun. Below are our 5 picks for quotes that you can flaunt and be phenomenal in your college life!

For The Gym Freak

“Let me know if my biceps get in your way”

Gym freaks are always the talk of the town. Whether they admire your dedication, drool over your fit silhouette or hate that you have the guts to go the extra mile to lead a healthy life, you’d always have the attention. In your college life, while you can, respond to this scrutiny with this awesome quote.

For The Movie Lover

“I speak fluent movie quotes”

Hello, cinephiles!

We all know that you are convicted of staying in and not socialising much in your college life because movies, TV shows, documentaries are your weakness that you always give into! Celebrate your college life by donning this awesome quote whenever you step out if you do! Let the words speak for them

For The Happy Geek

“Think like a proton, always positive”

Firstly nerds and geeks are two different clans! If you are the geeky one, have a positive college life with this witty pun on your tees! And if you are someone from the nerd-island, you may also try “Talk Nerdy To Me”! (My favourite!)

For The Cool Kid

“Blink If you want me”

Every college has the cool kid and these days there are many because anyone can be seen as cool. If you are someone who gets along with almost every guy and girl of your college, let your aura say that out loud! Also, if you the shy kids, you may make few friends with this super friendly t-shirt quote– everyone blinks! 😉

For The Gamer

“Video games don’t make me violent, lags do”

Yeah, gamers are thought of as violent people, yada yada. But this quote seriously has a point! And come on, who is fond of lags in anything? So, speak your heart out with this awesome-sauce on your tee.

In the end, as we read quotes are nothing but an erroneous repetition of the words of others, quote all you want and as much as you want!

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