College Life: Courses To Pick On The Side (Delhi Chapter)

College Life: Courses To Pick On The Side (Delhi Chapter)

Spice up your college life with these side courses where you get to earn experience for future and learn so much while you have fun!



Those were the best days of my life!

I am taking my risks when I assume that whenever we millennials recite this citation form Summer of ’69we reminisce about our college years. Solely because those were the best days of our lives. There are no boundaries as to how far you shall go to make the most of college life. Each and every juncture of college life is essential. So are the academics. An exemplary way to celebrate college life is to have fun, of course, and do your best on the academic front. Here are few courses that you can take up on the side as you glide towards your desired career path!

1. Web Designing and Multimedia

The World Wide Web has changed the world into a wide web! With everything being so handy and just few mouse clicks and screen taps away, everything about the web has potential. Potential for you to grab opportunities in this domain. Whatever you prefer, you can enrol for part-time courses that teach web designing. If you like you can also learn Animation, Video Editing and Photography.

Places To Enrol For These Courses: 

  • Global School of Animation (New Delhi)
  • Center for Research in Art of Film and Television (Delhi)
  • Asian Academy of Film and Television (Noida)

2. Make A Change, Go Green

We all should be aware of the changes we have caused to our environment and Earth outside of our classrooms as well. Many of us do not even bother to pay attention to what we have done to our resources. Learn how to manage our resources judicially with these courses. Make a change, and go green with this course.

Places To Enrol For These Courses: Delhi University

3. Languages

Be a master of what connects us humans; languages. If you are fond of linguistics and its application, enrol for a course. Delhi NCR has many institutes which provide extensive lessons for learning French, German, Mandarin (Chinese), Japanese etc. You can also enrol for ESP (English for Special Purposes) to make yourself job ready and to have a promising resume.

Places To Enrol For These Courses: 

  • Jawaharlal Nehru Academy of Foreign Languages
  • Alliance Française de Delhi
  • The Chinese Language Institute
  • Florence Education

4. Digital Marketing and Social Media Management

Today is the day where we function in a digital universe. We have easy access to almost everything– kudos to technology. When businesses and markets go digital, everything is presented digitally. That is where the role of a digital marketer hops in. If you are interested in learning the how(s) of this fabulously successful field, join these courses here while you sail through college.

Places To Enrol For These Courses: 

  • NIIT
  • Delhi School of Internet Marketing
  • Simply Digital

 5. Slum Design: Citizen’s Course

Are you keen on volunteering your efforts to make lives better for your people? If it is an affirmation, take up these courses which teach you the basics of slum design and low-cost housing. Imagine how much you can contribute for the good of these homeless people with this Citizen’s Course offered by St. Stephen’s College. Citizen’s Course is a one-year certificate course open for adults who wish to participate in the effort to create mass awareness.

Have the best of your salad days and make the most of these opportunities that you come across. Not only these will widen your window of knowledge and experience, but shine pretty bright on your resume.

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