5 reasons why college is the best time to travel.

5 reasons why college is the best time to travel.


Why wait until you start working or are all grown up and rich?
Let’s take a look at why we should travel at this young fragile age.

1. Lesser things to hold you back:
As college students we have recently left the fruitful and nurturing nests of our parents, ready to spread those wings and fly off. We aren’t married (hopefully), so we don’t have a family to look after, or kids or spouse to add up into this exciting equation. Therefore, we have the freedom of deciding where to go, what to do as a singular unit, it’s you all alone, all by yourself and thus ready to make your own decisions. In conclusion, we are young and wild and free.

Once you start working, your work life takes up your time. Especially working as a fresher in the market, working hours are extensive, life is hectic and unfortunately the world isn’t charitable enough to grant us too many holidays. Plus, everyone you want to go with will end up in different cities.

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So at this age is when we try to find ourselves in the big bright world. With barely any responsibilities on our way, we have the freedom to choose what insane part of the world or nation we want to explore. You want to go hiking? or skydiving in Manchester? or shoot a film in Kashmir? or go to Africa for an amazing internship? or go to Goa to explore the craziest beach/hill parties? You earned it, no parent or spouse or kids to stop you there.

2. Adds up in your resume and helps you break the ice in interviews:
Imagine you are the hiring superior of a firm. If two prospective individuals just out of college had the exact same qualifications, exact same skills but one had seen, experienced the world a little more who would you choose?

I would definitely go for the certain individual who had travelled. You ask why? You may think travelling is just a stress getaway or a vacation experience. But there are immense amount of things travelling can add to your CV. Just point out the skills you have gained, rather than just putting ‘travelling’ on your CV.

For example, budgeting and money management, organisational skills to book, prepare and go travelling, improving your foreign languages, gaining an insight into other cultures; especially now, when many firms are big on ‘diversity.’ Explain why you chose to do it, avoiding terms like did it for ‘a break’ and explain that you think it makes you a more well rounded person with the guts and sense of adventure to take on whatever life throws at you. This shows flexibility to adhere to different environments, something jobs in the current climate require. On top of that you will be able to show your expertise by adding different ideas to the table, I assure you most of which you would have learnt from travelling.

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3. You’re who everyone will want to talk to!
Seriously, you will never run out of things to talk about. When you have seen the world at such a youthful age it makes you look exciting and adventurous. You can have several conversations with people about the Kimpap from South Korea to the current state of tourism in Azerbaijan.

This will benefit you not only in the social setting where you can recreate your exciting adventures for your fellow friends, but in a business setting, especially in the current times where, international trading is the big bomb of the market. You will run into advocates who you can connect over your travelling stories with. Even if not international advocates, advocates that are from around the nation. Our Gujarati clients would love to talk about and bond over the best khakra and dhokla places you went to when you were in Gujarat. I assure you they will love you that much more.

Probably, put in a good word for you to your superiors, too.

4. You become culturally sensitive:
Like I highlighted in the previous point, international trading is a major aspect of business these days.

In this era, you are very likely to deal with advocates and clients who are from a different part of the world. This marks as a negative aspect for a lot of employees, due to their lack of understanding of cultural sensitivity.

However, with travelling it would be an easy job for you to tackle. Cultural sensitivity deals with how you approach a person, in different cultures some things are considered rude and in some cases it is a pleasant remark. A very basic example is, a nonchalant Latin American advocate would be okay with physical contact while greeting compared to the stern middle eastern advocate in which physical contact is a taboo.

When you travel to places you run into different types of people, from different backgrounds, religion, culture and languages. Coming across so many different types of people makes you a highly sensible asset, since you are able to adjust yourself according to the needs of a particular individual.

5. You have a friend in ever part of the world:
Who doesn’t love making friends? Imagine being invited to a wedding of your friend from Thailand or niquah of Iranian friend. Sounds exciting right?

Along your crazy adventures around the world you are inclined to meet several people who you will befriend. These will be those crazy, long lasting friendships since they are so far away from you and you have such little of each other that you crave for the amusing times again.

Other than that, your social circle will be spread out across the globe. You can use these social network you have created to come across several job opportunities, other travelling experiences or projects that may capture your interest. You have the option to move to Bangalore because a friend will come to you in need and give you the insights of firms hiring in Bangalore.

People might question how should we travel?
Let’s get to the point. depending on where you are travelling, how you are travelling, the transportation and the accommodation Travelling can become expensive. So as college students where do we get that money from? the bitter truth is we have to give up on all the luxuries of travelling like king and queens, going sightseeing, living in posh hotels; All on our parents money. This is our chance to really travel like hippies. Use the cheapest mode of transportation. Local system to commute from place to place. Find a cheap motel, or a family friends place you can crash at, or an exchange living; where you offer few people your house when they visit and they would do the same for you.

Although it sounds tough! You will get to know the place like you never would have imagined. Also, you’ll make amazing friends along the way. Other than that, why do you think we have Letsintern for? Find a paid internship, save up or look for summer internships around the nation where you can work and travel at the same time.

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