Confessions Of A Marketing Intern | “Achoo- One Breath, The Deed Is...

Confessions Of A Marketing Intern | “Achoo- One Breath, The Deed Is Done”

"I sit all day, achy achy ay! You got me the flu, I am gonna give it back to you". - a sick Marketing Intern.



Hello, Interns!

Today is about a slightly evil confession of a marketing intern. Well, evil sounds too massive. I would say it was an unhealthy deed that I did. Only because it involves germs. To be honest, I enjoyed the past few days here at Peach Designs. I actually liked being a marketing intern. Only because I wasn’t bossed around by Leech, as he has the flu.

So, this all started 10 days ago when one by one, the other interns started applying for leaves and work-from-home. Our crowded intern-alley became spacious, suddenly. The third day when I actually noticed the Software Development Intern gone, I breathed out a sigh of relief. And little did I know that I breathed in the sick germs he left. There is nothing more than the flu that I despise. I just do not like the entire schema of the flu; with the distasteful experiences comprising of phlegm, bacteria and mucus. And to my sweet horror, not only do I have to sleep with my mouth open, I get nightmares because of fever. The fifth day, I remember how I hallucinated in my sleep; people coming in and out of my house, someone throwing me off the balcony and seeing characters from the novel I am currently reading.

Funny, how the brain meddles with my reality. And it’s hilarious how we, humans are also nothing but clusters of bacteria. Why, do you ask? Well, aren’t we all at times deadly to someone? So, while I suffered from the flu for an entire week, I couldn’t get myself to forget the fact that it was because of Leech that I caught this annoying sickness in the first place! How, do you ask? Well, he made me sit and work with the sick interns in the infected zone!

Day 7, I gulped a few pills and crawled to his office, brainstorming ideas for a new client. I remembered how I got scolded for forgetting a teensy detail in my presentation. To which I was told, “You can’t ignore that sort of detail”. Actually, I was busy wondering why someone named a drug “Influenza 200”? Any guesses? Yes! It is a way to get into people’s head, only to get their sales up! So, you see, that’s the thing about marketing!

Today is the 10th day and I see that Leech’s cabin is empty and it’s the third day that he is sick. Turns out my unhealthily evil deed of sneezing on him (a deliberate attempt) finally worked! You see, that’s the thing about flu; it is contagious.

You can’t ignore that sort of Air

So, today this doesn’t seem like a boring Marketing Internship where I just have to jot his to-do list down on a paper from his computer! Urgh! (The man likes hand written notes! *Blissful Times*)

-Just a Marketing Intern, Poppy.

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