Confessions Of A Marketing Intern | That’s What I Do

Confessions Of A Marketing Intern | That’s What I Do

What do you think should Poppy do after she is done being a marketing intern? Should she plan to go for marketing courses after she graduates in 6 months?


Marketing Intern
My Work As A Marketing Intern

This is what happened 6 months ago: I saw an ad vacancy for a Marketing Intern at Peach Designs and without even thinking, I applied. It is my first wild guess that without even thinking Leech decided to hire ME. Poor fellow, he must have thought that a marketing intern would be helpful. It is my second wild guess that he assumed I would be his lackey! He wanted a muppet disguised as his marketing intern! Anyway, other than serving him coffee and hand-written notes, this time, I was actually given a task. A task that was all about this marketing internship.

My Work As A Marketing Intern

It is all about the trends. Remember, how I told you about my doubts related to my course and this internship? Well, somehow the tasks and the whole concept of selling your mere ideas to the huge masses convinced me to pursue this marketing internship. As an intern, I learnt a lot about the practical aspects of markets, business and the Indian advertising. I learnt new ways of connecting with clients and how to build a customer base online. I am hoping that this experience will give me an edge in the job market. No doubt I have gained a life time experience; professionally and socially.

As I previously mentioned about the ad that I am working on for a clothing company, the entire gig is actually interesting. The fun part was learning about our target audience and various industries involved. I also learnt what roles these elements play and how our company can improve its businesses. I talked to a lot of people and in some cases made friends with them and I loved the new knowledge I have gained!

Anyway, can you guess what happened next? So, I had this idea and as expected Leech didn’t approve of it. And I pat myself as I say this: instead of bickering about anything, I did some extra hours in the office and changed the ideas completely. Any, guesses what happened next? Not only did Leech approve my ideas for the ad, our client loved them! It is funny how I didn’t want to go forward with this internship at first and now I am actually happy working in it!

Now, the question is what do I do next? Should I look forward to studying marketing after my graduation?

– a Marketing Intern, Poppy.


What do you think Poppy should do?

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