Confessions of a Marketing Intern | ‘That’s What I Like’

Confessions of a Marketing Intern | ‘That’s What I Like’

Okay, I confess. We, Marketers, manipulate people for our profits. As a Marketing Intern, this is what I have observed.


Marketing Internship
Lies, is that life?

Hello, Interns!

Have you ever been obsessed with a song? Duh! Everyone has. While Bruno Mars sang to me what he likes since last night– talk about “earworms”, right now at 8:30 am I wonder how we, the marketing people brainwash all you lay people. Just like sticky songs, we manipulate the words and phrases that resonate with your desires to make you swipe that card for our profits. And trust me, we make you impulsive and your life chaotic.

So, as Bruno happens to be an icky sticky MJ substitute, I am trying to focus on being a reliable Marketing Intern so that my father gets me a car! Well, he promised me if I am able to complete this internship and my college just fine, I will get some wheels. But, as I am all about the lyrics and not the bass, it makes me elated as to what all luxury Bruno has! And what do I have? A boring Marketing Internship where I just have to jot his to-do list down on a paper from his computer! Urgh! (The man likes hand written notes! *Rolls eyes*)

And this advertising ka keeda is bugging me so much! I can’t focus on anything other than choosing a car! Why would these much-celebrated cars offer air-bags only for the driver? Can the co-passenger not bang his head too? The concept of “less is more” has really fooled the audience. Someone, please tell me how much of a difference is bridged between a Toyota and Chevrolet, an Alto and Ritz, a Benz and BMW? All the automobile engineers, stay calm because my point here is it’s all about the cost and maintenance, eventually. Right? All one has to do is hit the ignition, steer and drive safe, may be? But do you guys see, how we are instilled with thoughts that a BMW makes you look fancy, wealthy, successful and all that ish!

Anyway, ultimately it is the Sales Executive that “makes” a car, not the opposite. So, this is why sales people have to be persuasive, this is why we marketers have to be focused and manipulative. But look at me, a marketing intern falling under the same pretence of marketing for a car! Gosh! I really want a car but which one do I really like?

“When you look with your eyes, they all look nice.

But, when you look twice, it’s all lies”. 

-Just a Marketing Intern, Poppy.

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