Content Writing Internships: ABCs for a Web Writing Job

Content Writing Internships: ABCs for a Web Writing Job

Worried about which internship to go for during the campus placement season? One choice could be content writing internships, explained in detail here.


Career profiles in spotlight this month - content writing internships.
Career profiles in spotlight this month – content writing internships.

Choices… choices – which one to pick? In an overdrive, the college placement cell may be behind your back to pick one of their collated summer internships and campus placement jobs. And while those applying for jobs are largely sorted, it may not be as clear for those considering content writing internships.

Dot… dot… dot – there’s a better way than that. Opt for those summer jobs which will allow you to learn experience (and possibly a stipend), witness corporate culture and take care of your spare time while you mull over a suitable career choice for life. One such internship role is for a content writer.

Who is a content writer?

With the advent of digital media, each company worth its name needs to have a good and strong web presence: not just with their own website, but also through social media channels. They also need to proactively communicate with their audience – customers, employees, stakeholders and the larger marketplace. Emails, Newsletters, marketing communication, blogs and webpages require a dedicated content writer. And then there are all established social media channels.

A Web Content Writer is a communicator – one who writes (and otherwise creates) content, with a business objective in mind. Putting ideas together from scratch, re-write existing copy or even proof-read what is going up – all for two causes: one being consumption by the audience and the other, achieving a business objective (informing, persuading or even making a decision).

Content Writer: Job Roles and Responsibilities

A Content Writer is expected to work on a mix of corporate communication, creative writing and marketing, be it at any organisation. Depending on the brief, a company’s content writer will work on the company’s website, blogs, marketing communication (newsletters, press briefs and documents) and even social media.

The person requires, apart from an exceptional linguistic command (generally English language skills), an understanding of keywords and good search engine optimisation techniques and a knack for user-friendly content. And influence decisions through it all.

Qualities to determine good Content Writers

As per in-house research, these are the qualities that companies (and individual recruiters) look for before finalising on one:

  • High Command over the English Language
  • Basic Analytical Skills
  • Detail-oriented approach
  • High on creativity: Create innovative and engaging content
  • Deliver on tight deadlines
  • Basic reporting and knowledge of MS Office tools

Still unsure of whether you should opt for a content writing internship? Then click here and explore why it just may be the thing for you. Or, if we are already speaking to the converted, here is a list of content writing internships you could consider.




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