Tips For Crafting the Perfect Intern Resume to Apply For a Winter...

Tips For Crafting the Perfect Intern Resume to Apply For a Winter Internship

Ready to grab that winter internship? Here is your resume checklist/tips to help you perfect your resume and make it your trump card.


Resume tips to help you ace the winter internship.
Resume tips to help you ace the winter internship.

Your resume is one of the most important documents that can represent you. It is your calling card and should tell your story the way you want it to tell. It should draw your audience in and talk about your experiences, what you have learned, where you worked and how you did it. So, here are some resume tips to help you ace the winter internship.

Describing the resume

You can describe your resume in a crisp yet a detailed way. Dwell on each internship or relevant experience that might recommend you to the employer. Respect the space limitations (a resume spanning more than two pages won’t really be appreciated), but don’t omit out your achievements.

Your resume should provide a detailed, engaging summary of what you did and how much experience you hold.

The narrative

Treat your resume like an engaging story which starts from the end. However, the end should lead the recruiter to the start and draw them inside. The narrative should also focus on your strengths and should be in sync with the position you are applying for.

If you are applying for the position of a content writer, then your resume should focus and highlight your writing skills and your command over the language. If you are applying for the job of a Software Developer then your core skills with computers and software should be brought to the fore.

Hiding, emphasising and deleting

There are certain things you need to hide or delete from your resume and then there are others which you should highlight and write in bold letters. But how do you decide what to highlight and what to delete?

It is simple if you prioritize what you want to say. Your core skills, past experiences, and awards should be on top of your resume. Anything else, that includes your school education can find itself at the bottom or can be omitted out of the resume all together to keep things short, simple yet detailed.

Pick those experiences and skills which best describe why you are a suitable candidate for a certain opening. The experiences and skills which you find to be most relevant. Put these points on top to draw the attention of the employer to it.

Going overboard with colours and designs

Statistically speaking, a simple resume works best in most professional environments. Of course, you can argue that the simple idea of writing a resume is outdated. What with people opting for video resumes or resumes that speak volumes in colours and designs. However, a simple resume works just fine or even better than most of these resumes.

The employer wants all the material presented before him in a simple, quantified manner and no amount of hue can turn the tables for you. Video resumes, while great, ask the recruiter for time and it might take some time to load. You cannot take a printout of your video resume to your internship interview either.

So, here were some resume tips for your winter internship, use them, form your own checklist and follow your own pattern, keeping in mind what will work best for you and the profile you are applying for. Breathe life in your resume and witness it unfold its magic.

And while you are doing that, keep browsing through the various internship portals and applying for internships that will matter.