Featured Internship Story | Ekta Shetty tells us her internship experience with...

Featured Internship Story | Ekta Shetty tells us her internship experience with Viber, JBL and Dell.


Marketing as a field has always appealed to me and hence I started my internship journey, by taking up a Campus Ambassador opportunity for JBL, which is well-known for delivering products that exemplify technology to improve professional sound production.

My job primarily included using Social Media to introduce JBL to the people I knew, and conducting trials of JBL products that were given to us, among my friends. Throughout the internship we were supposed to generate feedback about JBL, which was particularly an easy task for me as most of my friends used JBL products already. We also acted as host to social gatherings and weekly house parties supported by JBL, which helped increase my social circle both online and offline. During that time, JBL has come up with ‘JBL Studio Webisodes’ which provided an interactive platform for musicians and artists to showcase their talent to the world., following which we helped in generating the application for this campaign.

As my very first internship, JBL was quite the learning experience for me, and with the kind of exposure I got through it, I realized where my true calling lies.

My next big moment came when I was selected as the Cluster Manager for Mumbai Division for an internship opportunity by Viber, where my job included handling a total of 50 interns while making sure they meet the given requirements in the weekly tasks and compile their reports at the end of the week. The fact that I’ve handle 50 people sounds not only challenging, but very overwhelming at the same time. It required a lot of time management. from my end as as I was a student myself, but the satisfaction of having pulled through it with my team is something that I cannot put into words.

My role as a cluster manager, helped me in getting a sneak peak into how the corporate world will be like out there, once I graduate and hence, even though my hands were full throughout the 2 months of working for Viber, there isn’t one thing that I’d like to change about my experience.

Currently, I’m acting as a Cluster Manager for Dell, where I manage a team of 25 interns, who are by far the most amazing and co-operative group of people that I’ve worked with. My job role is pretty the same as it was with Viber, where I make sure that the bunch of campus ambassadors and campus writers getting their work done well before deadline. I have 2 more weeks of this internship left and the experience so far has been really good.

I have previously worked with AIESEC and AFS, which helped me a lot in enhancing my communication skills, my ability to work in a team and boosting my self confidence. Global organisations like these serve as stepping stones for our career and not only increases our network but they also give us amazing exposure of whats out there.

I’m currently in my second year of Engineering and as much as I love coding and programming, I wish I would’ve opted for a course which was much more inclined towards the creative side of things. I, however don’t dwell much on this issue as I’m trying to make up for it bytaking up internships in Media and Marketing.

If there is one advice that I’d like to give to every college student out there, it’s be this: Start young. Get your head in the game as soon as you can. Sure college life is a one time experience and these days won’t come back again but neither will such opportunities. When you do something as challenging as an internship you realise your true potential and that’s just one of many things you’ll be learning.

Ekta Shetty is a second year student of Information technology at Thakur College of Engineering, Mumbai.

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