The first 11 employees of Apple – Where are they now?

The first 11 employees of Apple – Where are they now?


Ronald-Wayne-Apple-co-founder1. Ronald Wayne
Ronald Wayne was a original founder of Apple with Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, but eventually decided to clear out after only 12 days into the company. He cleared out, while chosing to offer his shares for $1,700.

According to his Facebook page, “I didn’t separate myself from Apple because of any lack of enthusiasm for the concept of computer products. Aside from any immediate apprehension in regard to financial risks, I left because I didn’t feel that this new enterprise would be the working environment that I saw for myself, essentially for the rest of my days. I had every belief would be successful but I didn’t know when, what I’d have to give up or sacrifice to get there, or how long it would take to achieve that success.”

14206375427082. Steve Wozniak
 Steve Wozniak is the prime supporter of Apple Computers. Wozniak has dependably been credited with being the principle designer of the first Apples.

On February 7, 1981, Steve Wozniak smashed his single motor flying machine, in Scotts Valley, California. The accident made Wozniak briefly lose his memory, on the other hand, on a more profound level it unquestionably changed his life. After the mishap, Wozniak left Apple and came back to school to complete his degree in electrical building and software engineering.

Steve Wozniak did come back to work for Apple Computers for a brief period between in 1983 and 1985. Today, Steve Wozniak is the Chief Scientist for Fusion-io and is a distributed creator with the arrival of his New York Times Best Selling personal history, iWoz: From Computer Geek to Cult Icon.

Steve-Jobs-Secret-of-Life3. Steve Jobs
It’s been 30 years since Steve Jobs surrendered from Apple, yet the precise points of interest of Jobs’ take off still remain a matter of debate.

For decades it has been rumored that he was expelled from Apple, in the wake of losing a war for control with then-CEO John Sculley, however, Steve Wozniak has recently denied anything of this sort taking place.

Steve Jobs passed away on October 5, 2011 from a long battle with pancreatic cancer.

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Something-Ventured-Mike-Markkula4. Mike Markkula
Markkula was awed with the Apple II model that Wozniak and Jobs were sorting out, and offered to assist them with composing a marketable strategy. Be that as it may, he soon developed more obsessed with the achievement of the item, and took it upon himself to get the organization off the ground. Markkula remained the enduring hand at Apple’s steerage while its initiative changed throughout the years.

At the point when Scott was terminated as CEO in 1981, Markkula assumed control over the position until John Sculley was contracted from PepsiCo in 1983. He remained a connection to Apple’s origin as Wozniak blurred from general visibility and Jobs was eliminated of Apple by the organization’s top managerial staff in 1985. He likewise assumed a part in the board’s choice to remove Sculley in the midst of declining deals in 1993. The organization’s proceeded with money related misfortunes brought more administrative flimsiness, and Markkula left Apple in 1997.

Since then he has invested money in a few startups, and to the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics, at Santa Clara University.

apple-ii-ad-1977-cover5. Bill Fernandez
Fernandez was additionally a neighbor and companion of Steve Wozniak. Whenever Jobs and Wozniak began Apple, they procured Fernandez as the first worker. Bill Fernandez initially met Steve Jobs at Cupertino Junior High School when Jobs was another understudy. Fernandez was additionally a neighbor and companion of Steve Wozniak.

He stayed with Apple until 1993, when he exited to work at Ingres Corp. in 1993, where he Was Chief Architect, User Interface for the Development Tools Business Unit.

Screen_Shot_2013-09-11_at_7.07.41_PM6. Rod Holt
Holt was a profoundly respected originator, who was suspicious of joining Apple at first. But any how Steve Jobs convinced him into accepting the employment. Holt built up the force supply for the Apple II. Following six years at Apple, Holt says he was pushed out of the organization by new administration.

randy-wigginton-315x2367. Randy Wigginton
 In an interview with Dan Lyons, he said, “Actually I was there in the couch days, before we were big enough for a garage. It was just me and Woz. I was 14 and writing software”.

Why did he left Apple? He says, “Jobs had left. Scotty (Mike Scott, Apple’s first president) had left. It was like Apple was becoming very corporate and bureaucratic”.

In his post Apple-life he’s worked at eBay, Google, Chegg, and Square, amongst others.

michael-scott8. Michael Scott
 Apple’s first CEO isn’t as generally known. Which is fairly amazing given that it was none other than Michael Scott. He was acquired as CEO by Mike Markkula.

Scott served as Apple CEO from 1977 through 1981, a strong four year run. He left Apple after the sudden occasion known as Black Wednesday, he was moved to bad habit director, a title with little power, and Mike Markkula, the man who had employed Scott, supplanted him. Scott left Apple authoritatively on July 10, 1981.

espinosa29. Chris Espinosa
Chris Espinosa joined Apple when he was 14 close by Steve Jobs and Steve “Woz” Wozniak as worker No. 8 while still in secondary school, and has been there from that point onward. Chris Espinosa began at Apple Espinosa’s first official work for the organization was to test the Apple II BASIC working framework over his Christmas occasions, prepared for the product to be introduced on the Apple II PC, albeit later assignments included breaking into Steve Jobs’ office. He’s currently a chief chipping away at Apple’s designer apparatus Xcode.

6a00d8341c2df453ef00e54f0c66618833-800wi10. Sherry Livingston
Livingston was the first secretary at Apple and she did a considerable measure. Michael Scott, who contracted her, said she fundamentally did every one of the miscellaneous work and odd jobs for Apple in the good ‘ol days.

GaryMartin11. Gary Martin
Martin wasn’t pleased with where Apple was going as a company at the times, but he decided to handle the accounting part of the organization anyway, and ended up staying till 1983. Post Apple, he joined Starstruck, an organization working extensively on space travel, using hybrid rockets. Since then, he has held senior positions in Finance at various organizations.

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