Do Connections Matter When Looking For Internships In India?

Do Connections Matter When Looking For Internships In India?

How important is having a good connections while looking for good internships in India? Read more to find out.


Don't let the lack of connections bog you down while looking for Internships in India.
Don’t let the lack of connections bog you down while looking for Internships in India.

The internship season is well, never out of season. If you are serious about your career and want to make it big or even if you want to support yourself financially, you will know how important internships are and how hard it is to look for internships in India. They don’t just look pretty sitting on your resume, but also give you truckloads of experience and understanding of who you are what you want.

Getting an internship is important but is getting one easy?

If you believe the recent studies, then it is not. 91% of the students surveyed by Forbes claimed that it is necessary to have important connections to land a good internship. OUCH!

That shook you up, didn’t it? Though maybe in some practical corner of your brain you knew that might be true. It is also interesting to note that 93% of those people also said that they would choose an internship which opened new avenues for them rather than one that guaranteed a fat paycheck.

Obviously, it is pretty easy for people to say that, what with 43% of the people relying on their family for their income. However, when it comes to the real world it is hard to follow ideals. You need not just an internship that pays and pays well, but one that also opens new doors for you. An internship should build on you, train you and make you job ready.

How do you find the right internship?

“Success is all about the people you know.” Let us tweak this a little bit to

“Success is all about what you do.”

Yes, it might not be a joy ride for you, but you will find the right internship and be super successful if you know where to look. The key is to not give up on your road to find success or should we say the road to find internships in India.

You can start by perfecting your resume. There are plenty of resume tips available online to help you through that. Once you have done that, browse through different internship portals. Use social media to your advantage. There are numerous pages on Facebook that will keep you updated with the latest happening in the internship world.

You don’t have to rely on a relative to land good internships in India; you just have to build your connections and your own brand name. Start applying for different internships. Letsintern has plenty of internship options available and you can opt for virtual internships or area-specific internships. There are paid and unpaid internships available, and you will have to do a little research of your own to see which internship will serve you in the long run.

So, pull your socks up and boast in the pleasure of finding your own perfect internship without any “privileged relations”. Happy browsing!