Dos and Don’ts On Your First Day At Internship

Dos and Don’ts On Your First Day At Internship


first day at internship

Remember your first day at school? Remember how grumpy and whiny you were? Of course, we all remember our special firsts. Just like the first day at school, your first day at internship can be a defining moment of your life.

Whether it’s your first internship or your first real job, you can never really control the initial excitement and first-day jitters. As such, you might be scrounging the internet, looking for that perfect success formula to excel from the word ‘go’. But sadly or happily, there are no rights or wrongs on the first day of your internship.

No one expects you to know everything on the first day itself. However, if you are really looking to succeed then you need to keep certain internship tips in mind.

 The Do’s

– Ask for help

Your first day at work is meant for introduction, familiarizing with office, getting to know immediate colleagues and of course learning a bit about your work. In any situation where you feel under-confident about your work or information, go seek help.

Don’t think of your boss as a butcher with a knife hidden behind his back. He’s as human as you are (well, most of the times).

– Dress Right

Even if you’re interning at Vogue or IBM, you’re expected to dress well. The term ‘well’ is a bit subjective but you need to up your game and really dress for the job you are interning for.

If heels are your thing, put them on. If a tie around your neck makes you feel more confident, put it on. Whatever you do, just ensure that you look ‘professional and presentable’ at work.

– Prepare well

Acing the internship interview with all the knowledge about the company helped you ace the gig. Now you must carry on that knowledge and add to it during your tenure there.

You must be well prepared with all the whereabouts, number of offices, areas of operation, yearly turnover and any other major pieces of information about the company. This will show your interest and commitment to the company and the work you are doing.

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The Don’ts

– Don’t ask Google-able questions

We’re all in for asking questions but any question that can be Googled must not be asked.

You might see your boss running around all the time and assume they have a lot of work at hand. However, it is rarely so. With so many things to look over, your boss might be pretty occupied most of the time and won’t have time for pointless questions.

So, be proactive – look up the internet before you ask questions.

– Don’t give an indication that you aren’t happy

You can barely do anything about an assignment that your boss drops on you. Cribbing, complaining and making that ‘I hate this place and this job’ face will only land you in the bad books of the big guys.

Honestly, you, your boss and his boss must have taken up some projects in life that they never liked. It is a part of work culture. You have to be high-spirited and accept all that comes your way with a big smile. And, it is all a part of the learning process, so accept it and grow with it.

– Don’t wait for opportunities

Yes, we all have heard that the right opportunities come knocking your door. However, in real life this is not so and you go chasing after it. Every job guide will tell you this and we are repeating it too -if your boss asks you to do A, B and C task; you must be pro-active and try doing A, B, C, D and if necessary, E.

If the worst comes to the worst, you might end up making a fool of yourself by doing it the wrong way. However, the extra effort you put in will count for a lot more and put you on the path to success.

Remember your first day at internship can be exciting and scary but that is okay. Even if it doesn’t go right, don’t worry! You will get plenty of opportunities to prove yourself. And, if you don’t then there are these success tips to keep picking you up and pointing you in the right direction.