Featured Internship Story | From engineering student to lead game developer by...

Featured Internship Story | From engineering student to lead game developer by Kushagra “Koosh” Trivedi


Kushagra “Koosh” Trivedi was in his 3rd year of engineering when he became the lead game developer for Corporate Shift. He found the position through Letsintern! Read about his internship experience below at Kincredible Tech.


There are times when you have to grab an opportunity or else you’ll miss out on it and end up in a pool of regret. And then there are times, when instead of waiting for an opportunity to knock your door, you have to create one door for yourself! Here’s a memoir of how of one such great opportunity that came my way, and how I managed to grab it and make the best of it….

It was already the third year of my Engineering course and I was still waiting for something to appear that would strike my interest. That I would be passionate about. Apart from that, gaming was a subject that I was doing simultaneously with my course. But the semester was about to end, and “internship” was the most common word spoken at that time.

I tried my luck and stumbled upon a source which gave me a chance to find a job where I could not only learn but also work towards something that I’m passionate about (it’s amazing how internet works…it  literally speaks your mind and helps you find exactly what you need). The source was called Letsintern. With the help of it I managed to apply for an internship in a company which encouraged me to the fullest to go for what I like rather than what I am suppose to like.
The best part about my job was that, here I personally never felt any boss – employee relationship. Every day was a better day for me here and I don’t regret any of my decisions. Stress was never a problem here as we had CS 1.6 installed on our PC’s. Soon I was able to create games with the assistance of KIncredible Tech and created my first mobile game which we named “French Window”.
Another big day started with a beautiful concept by Yash Kotak and Nyha Shree which led us to work on a brilliant project called “Corporate Shift”. It was really fun to work with them.This game’s development phase itself was the learning phase for me. Any kind of issues with the logic or design were solved together as a team. Apart from experience I earned a lot of quality time from the organization.
“Corporate Shift – Probably the toughest game ever” is the game that we persistently worked on. It was becoming a dream project for a college kid like me, who’s still in college but has been able to have first hand experience of how things really are in the professional world, outside the walls of my college.
Bug testing, which was executed by our professional gamers Krutharth Vaishnav (Krubaba) and Unnati Sagar (Gupshup Rani) was the best part of our day. It was fun, as the entire team switches on their gaming mode and tries their best to clear the levels that I design. And if Unnati clears a level then it was time to make it more tougher-”arey game tough karo re” (if you know what I mean :p). But they were kind enough to point out major/minor bugs in the game. (and patient enough to clear almost all levels, which I must say isn’t an easy task!)
As the bugs were resolved and levels were designed, it was now time for the market appearance of the app and the app was almost in the finishing phase but the awe moment was when the were source I used to get here, in this organisation- Letsintern, came on board and agreed to collaborate with Corporate Shift.
Yes, the game is now powered by Letsintern. The source from where I got this opportunity to create a game, is now associated with us to promote it. Never thought of this all could’ve happened with me. It felt so great to have Letsintern’s support, back then as well as today.
We are ready and all set to go! Game on guys!
– Kushagra “Koosh” Trivedi
If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door. – Milton Berle (well said.)

About Corporate Shift:

“Corporate Shift – Probably the Toughest Game Ever” is a simple game with hidden ingenious tricks, where with each level you’ll get smarter and quicker. The game will take you through highs and lows, moments when you’ll want to throw your phone, moments when you’ll feel surprised , moments when you’ll feel accomplished.

Play Corporate Shift Now.




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