Fight Against Student Curfew and Discrimination: College Life

Fight Against Student Curfew and Discrimination: College Life

Supreme court is all set to address the petition regarding the discrimination in hostel timings. What is the news about and should you dress "decent"? Read on...


It's the 21st century, and female students are still fighting for equality.
It’s the 21st century, and female students are still fighting for equality.

The discrimination in the hostel timings for girls and boys has always been an issue shaking the society and the founders of feminism alike. Keeping in mind the changing dynamics, The Supreme Court has decided to hear the petition questioning the rules that reek of discrimination and leaves an ugly spot on students’ college life.

This time, the college in focus is Banaras Hindu University in Varanasi.

“There have been various instances of gender discrimination in rules and regulations at the MMV hostel. A girl student is asked to leave the hostel if found to be flouting any of these rules,” argued ¬†Prashant Bhushan, a noted advocate who took up the case for the students.

“Girl students cannot go out of the hostel, even inside the campus, after 8 pm, cannot make telephone calls after 10 pm, and cannot wear clothes of their choice.”

The issue is not restricted to one college or one university, several female students across the country have complained of the same. It is both sad and heartening to see women fighting for their rights against all odds.

Restrictions in Delhi Colleges

The country capital has not lagged behind in discriminating female students staying in hostels. St. Stephens, Miranda House, and even Jamia have restricted late night outings of female students. The petition read that-

“Girl students are not allowed to leave the hostel premises after 8 pm even to go to the library or to attend a programme on the BHU campus. Others hostels allow girl students to be out till 10 pm. This rule is even applicable to girl students who may have to catch a train or a bus to travel back home.”

While boys can stay out as late as 10 p.m or have no curfew hanging above their head, for women the deadline is fixed and in most case not flexible.

“As per the UGC guideline of 2016, no curfew timings can be instilled for students.”

Decent clothes

The hostel guidelines in few of these colleges go so far as to point out that female students should wear “decent clothes” outside their hostel rooms. Even in the mess and the common areas, they should maintain the “decency” of their clothes.

For boys, no such rules exist. They are allowed to wear whatever they want, even shorts. The fight is not that boys should be asked to wear “decent clothes” and report in by 8 p.m, but that women should not be restricted to maintain the screwed social status.

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