The 5 types of people you meet in your final year of...

The 5 types of people you meet in your final year of college.


1. The Artist:

They say that you enter into college a different person, and come out as an entirely different person. This group of people take the above statement quite literally, as they begin with wanting a career in say Engineering, but somewhere along the way discover something else that piques their interest and end up deciding to pursue their passion for the long haul.  The amount of people that have shifted focus to photography above everything else in the recent years, can be easily judged by the number of personal photography pages on Facebook that keep popping up, where it is worth noting that only a few of these are actually good. But then, when the heart wants what the heart wants, who can tell you otherwise, right? So, you have a long list of budding musicians, painters, writers, actors, and other creative intellectuals  waiting for their big break.

2. The IAS Aspirant:

The best part about coming in contact with the people preparing for IAS is that it kind of reminds you of being in high school and watching people trying to get through one of the IITs. In the beginning everyone wants to do it. There is The Economic Times practically forcing its way into conversations, piles of books being checked out of the library, no social life enthusiastically being encouraged, success stories of the recent IAS clearing folks doing the rounds, and more. There is always one person who has an elder sibling in the IAS. After a while,  the number of the said aspirants slowly starts dwindling, with  most of them being lost to campus placements, and before you know it, there’s maybe one sole survivor still upto his eyeballs into the books, ready to give his all for the much coveted exam.

3. The Almost Businessman:

For the ones born with a silver spoon in their mouth, getting a degree on their resume amounts to just that much – getting a degree, because they have a family business waiting to be taken over once they are done with college.  They carefully shy away from the campus placements as well, as scoring a job isn’t worth much to them anyway. Of course, not all of these people are cut out to just free-ride through their college years. Some are genuinely there to make something of themselves, take the education part of the whole ordeal seriously, work for a few years or go into further studies, before finally returning to utilize their knowledge and experience to make the best of the business they are handed over.

4. The Firang:

The TOEFL bells start ringing the moment the last semester waltzes into the lives of people who wish to pursue their further studies beyond the boundaries. Some of them are extremely talented and opting for a foreign university is their way of finding more exposure to a better education in the company of like minded people, however, you all have come across the handful who will land up in some university abroad which is supposed to be hotshot according to them just because it is in a different continent and their reason to end up there is because they can afford it.

5. The No-Can-Do:

A lot of people are still confused about what their calling in life is, and if there is any in the first place. They find themselves knowing a bit of everything with expertise in nothing, aptly fitting for the saying – ‘Jack of all trades, master of none.’ They went to college because everyone does, picked the course that everyone is picking and is something they can get into, but end up not faring particularly well in interviews no specific field has their interest. They want to want to be desperately passionate about something but are not sure what exactly, so they are easily satisfied by the first job they get, or end up taking a break for a while before venturing into anything else.

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