9 Internet giants on their first day | You won’t believe how...

9 Internet giants on their first day | You won’t believe how some of these looked like!


1. Facebook:
10 years ago, this is how Facebook looked like on its first day at work. According to Zuckerburg’s then room-mate and co-founder of  thefacebook – Dustin Moskovitz, the website got a pretty good response after launch, with close to 1500 registrations in the first 24 hours itself. As on March 2014, Facebook is reported to have 1.28 Billion active users, which means that had Facebook been a country, it would be the third largest in the world!

2. Google:
In 1998, this is how Larry Page’s and Sergey Brinn’s baby looked like, right after its launch. The Standford students who brought life to what you today know as Google, put up their mission statement as: ‘to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful,’.

Since then , Google has slowly ventured into Gmail, Google Drives, Google Plus, and is still growing, along with better doodles to keep you hooked of couse! They recently also declared the shutting down of their first social networking website – Orkut.
3. Youtube:
Talking of Google, how can one miss the video sharing site Youtube that they have owned since 2006? Created by three former PayPal employees Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim, the first video to be ever featured on Youtube, was uploaded by Jawed Karim and was about his trip to a zoo in San Diego. The fun fact is that this video can still be viewed o Youtube today. Go figure!

After one successfully independent year, they managed to get funding of $11.5 Million dollars, the first headquarters of Youtube was in California above a pizzeria and Japanese restaurant.

4. Twitter:
Yes, it kind of did look hideous with that logo which has something else altogether going on for itself. Twitter  probably underwent the most drastic change in comparison to all the other internet giants and of course we are glad to have blue chirpy bird replace the green weird whatever-the-hell-even.

Founded by Jack Dorsey, Evan Williams, Biz Stone and Noah Glass, Twitter has reported to have 500 Million users with registered twitter accounts, as of 2012, who have posted a total of 340 Million Tweets. 

5. Wikipedia: 
How old do you think your favorite go-to encyclopedia is? Well, Wikipedia has been around since 2001, courtesy Jimmy Wales who you probably know as the guy who keeps asking for donations everytime you use Wikipedia and Larry Sanger.

The first look of Wikipedia looks very similar to the modern day craigslist or even reddit, with  mildly annoying bunch of hyperlinks put together in one page. Not very impressive, so lets just take a moment and thank a moment the well organized version of Wikipedia that helps us ace our papers today. 
6. irctc

Not too bad, right? Now if only it could stop taking decades to load, that’s be nice.
The Indian Railway, Catering and Tourism Corporation, despite its reputation, reports around 580,000 tickets being booked online through the portal everyday, as of March 2014.

The Indian Railways further plans to spend 1 Million to make the portal better, s that it is able to book 7200 ticket per minute in the future, instead of 200 right now.   

7. Flipkart:
India’s largest e-commerce platform entered the market looking like this 7 years ago and has never looked back. Started by two Sachin and BinnyBansal, former students of IIT, Delhi, Flipkart started off as a website that only sold books and slowly ventured in electronics and other categories.

They recently launched DigiFlip, through which they sell their own product range of cameras, computer accessories, pen-drives and more.

8. Apple:
Are you looking at that little rainbow colored apple logo and atleast 5 different fonts for the text in the same page?  Yes. Well, they had to start somewhere.  

9. Amazon:
The international version of Flipkart – Amazon looked like this on their day 1. Enough said.

We also decided to take a look at how Letsintern  looked right after it’s launch almost 4 years ago. From this to getting close to half a Million users today, we’d certainly have come long and far both in terms of user-experience and UI.

Nevertheless, let’s face it. We looked better than at least quite a few of the above!




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