This Is How An Introvert Turned Into a Confident Business Development Intern

This Is How An Introvert Turned Into a Confident Business Development Intern

This is how a shy MBA student became a confident Business Development Intern. Read Monica Aggarwal's story.


Business Development Intern

A Managment graduate with a specialization in finance and an internship with a merchant bank narrates her story of sweet success. Monica Aggarwal, an Economics graduate has always fancied working in the Banking sector. Other than that, jewellery design and writing are her hobbies. Always wishing to excel in this sector, this is how an Internship was a jump start for her dream job.

Why a Banking Internship?

Q. What were you looking for in your internship? How many did you apply to before you got shortlisted?   

A. “I always wanted to work in the banking sector and seek opportunities which could enhance my banking and financial skills into practical aspect”. Fixated on finding Finance Internships, Monica tells us how she relentlessly applied for many internships but always received a cold response. “I got shortlisted for a firm which deals in the economics field. But due to some reasons, I have not joined there. Finally, I got shortlisted for a bank after a long struggle.”

Crediting LetsIntern, she tells us how she found a perfect fit.

“I got shortlisted for a bank after a long struggle.”

Q. How did you get selected for your internship? When did you join it?

A. “I applied at a bank and they shortlisted my CV almost after 2 weeks from applying date. They took my personal interview and checked my knowledge on the banking industry and other aspects related to it”. Monica interned for 2 months with the bank.

“I have joined there in May and had 2 months internship with them”.

Q. How was your internship experience?

A. Finding new aspects of herself and the work life, Monica regards this internship as a turning point for her personality. She says, “I used to be an introvert or I would say a very reserved person but working there not only helped me in academics but in my personal development. Dealing with clients raised my confidence and boldness. I had an excellent experience there which I believe will help in future”.

Q. What did you learn from your internship experience? 

A. Enlisting her accomplishments, she says, “Well! I gathered many learnings from the internship”. 

  • Nepotism just doesn’t work here. It’s only you who can groom your career.
  • I have learned the nuances of corporate behaviour like how to deal with clients, how to conduct meetings etc.
  • It gave me confidence and self-reliance which I always yearned to have. Stage fear in no more a fear. 

“Nepotism just doesn’t work here. It’s only you who can Design your career”

“Basically, I took my weakness as my challenges and worked on it.  Presently, I am a different person from which I used to be. I can totally vouch for the fact that internships not only foster your academics but also promote personal development which is very important nowadays.

Q. Do you feel more ‘ready’ for the job market?

A. Celebrating her success and overall boosted confidence Monica confirms her thrill to be a part of the job sector. She says, “I am working with a merchant bank as a business development intern and I could say that I am completely a different person which I used to be. Adding to it, I would say internships are very important part of one’s career and one should do it before going for a job so that you will present you as a completely different personality during your placement period”. Obviously, it helps in getting jobs because you are already aware of the Industry and you can make best use f the knowledge gained from there also It makes getting a job more easier. Because at last what matter is work-experience”.

“For obvious reasons, internships validate your experiences when you apply for jobs as you gain awareness about the Industry and you can make the best use it. Because at last, the experience is what matters”. She said.

Q. Would you recommend LetsIntern to others? If yes, Why?

A. “Of course, I will recommend LetsIntern to others. Since LetsIntern acts as a bridge between the need and opportunities. I would suggest one should be updated on letsintern since the portal showcases internships of all fields and moreover, these internships are authentic and fruitful”.

Q. In the end, do you have any tips that can help other students in getting a good internship?

A. “Well! I would say this from my personal experience that getting an internship is not a hard task. It all depends on how active and updated you are during your internship time. And if you get an internship try to perform your best because that can help you in your pre-placement offer. All the Best!”.

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