Going About a New College: College Diaries

Going About a New College: College Diaries

Try something new, go all out and enjoy college and fill the pages of your college diaries in the most beautiful, yet sensible letters. Here is how...


Geared up to join your new college and write your own college diaries?
Geared up to join your new college and write your own college diaries?

New college, new possibilities and new friends. College is all about doing something new and entering an exciting phase of your life. After the hectic discipline of school, college feels like a breath of caressing air and nothing can be sweeter than it. Even though sweet, joining a new college is a little scary and you might find yourself lost as to how to proceed.

So, here are a few college tips for you, straight out of my college diaries.

Join college societies

Most college societies start recruiting new people around the month of July and August. This is the time when the whole college buzzes with activity. Your college might have a few different societies too. See what all the societies are all about. Which of those interest you and which don’t and then take an informed, well thought of decision.

Try something new

Do something you never thought you would, go cliff jumping with your friends or visit the India Gate at night and eat ice creams when it rains. Try something new every chance you get. In fact, try everything. College is that comfortable space where you are an adult, but you still have your parents to hold you up. So, make the most of this opportunity to discover yourself. Go dancing, make new friends, live your life.

Work on building a resume

All the fun is nice and good, but you cannot forget why you are there in the first place. You are there to build your career and that starts by building your resume. You might ask “how do I do that?”

Simple, by doing more and more internships. Make an online internship account and start applying at different places.Virtual internships are as much valuable as summer internships or winter internships. Every internship gives you a chance to learn and better yourself, and that is how you can grow in your career and be employable at the end of the day. Your main objective of taking admission in a new college cannot be served without doing internships and getting an edge above the rest in this highly competitive environment.

Be involved

There is no hard and fast rule that more time in your hands will mean you will study more, and vice-versa. Instead of being cut-off from college activities, get involved in them. This will not only make you feel better about yourself, fill you with confidence, make you a known face in college, but will also teach you time management.

Attend classes

And while you are getting involved, having fun and building a strong resume, don’t forget to attend your classes. Most colleges have an attendance policy and they don’t tolerate students who miss the set mark. So, be sure that you attend your classes. Bunking once in a while is nice and fun, but don’t get too carried away by all that.

And before I forget it, best of luck and congratulations on your new journey in a new college. Make the most of this journey and learn and grow while having an ample dose of fun.

In the case of any advice or query, you can drop in your thoughts in the comments section below.