Make your internet browsing easier | 10 Google Chrome Extensions you must...

Make your internet browsing easier | 10 Google Chrome Extensions you must have.


After the great response we got last week for 10 Google Chrome Extensions to double your productivity on the Internet, heres’ a look at another 10 Google Chrome Extensions which you ought to give a try to make your internet browsing easier.

1) Pocket:
Bookmarks syncing never got any better than Pocket!  Sort your bookmarks across devices by installing Pocket and logging in with your Google ID and get all your bookmarks on the cloud.  Add tags to your bookmarks and share and share alike with all your friends on pocket! Also, you no longer need to copy paste to manage bookmarks. Simply find a the share button of the app and add to Pocket from there! You’re good to go!

2)  StayFocusd:
This one is important especially for the person with an OCD for social networking.  What you basically do is install the extension, add sites to a blocked list and allow all other sites, or add sites to an allowed list and block all others for a set period of time.  Also block on sub-domains or specific pages/paths, or specific content or even sub-content! Basically a DIY of what to keep and what not to keep. All of this so that you may become more productive!  Try it once and let us know!

 3)  Lazarus: Form Recovery:
You’re filling out a form and suddenly there is a server crash, or a browser crash or a PC crash or a good old power outage and you loose all your form fill data. No choice but to start over anew! Not anymore! Now theres’ Lazarus, the form recovery extension saves your entered data so that you may recover it later and fill it up easily!  Also coming soon is the synchronisation of data with different devices! Way to go!  Check it out.: )

4) Hola Better Internet (Formerly Hola Unblocker):
This site is a boon for those of us trying to browse through pages that have been block for access by means beyond our control At least, till Hola Better Internet came about.  Now, un-block those videos that you were previously barred from watching due to geographical specification.  Hola Better internet takes all that away and allows you to watch any video you like wherever and however you want to watch it. A step towards better internet, indeed!

 5)  PageRank Status:
Are you an SEO freak? Do you need to know if a page is trustworthy? Or can its’ content be discarded? For all this information and more, use PageRank Status, which gives the Google Page Rank of the web page along with the Alexa rank and Geo IP location amongst other things.  It includes information on indexed pages of the website and the linked pages from the site, giving much information, on your toolbar!

6) Web Timer:
Keeping track of what you do is an important part of knowing what your strengths and weaknesses and whatnot.  But still, knowledge is power; and that power can be extracted from Web Timer.  Find out the exact time you’ve been spending on each page. View results for today, average and all time! Results are tracked only when chrome is in focus and the system is active. A great extnstion if you want to know where you are spending your time on the internet!

7)  Vimium:
If you’re a power user, that is you browse fast and furious, and go through pages at lightning speed and would rather avoid any unnecessary mouse handling and stuff, Vimium is the extension for you! It allows users to use keyboard shortcuts to navigate web pages with greater ease and accessibility.  Vimium on! Game on.

8) Ghostery:
Basically a anti-tracking data extension, Ghostery allows users to avoid being tracked by various websites and allows you to identify of the method used by these websites.  Ghostery provides with links for the privacy policy and opt-out pages for various services, ensuring that you do not get any promotional content from these websites.  Ghostery also gives users the option to send anonymous data to its’ servers to more clearly identify the various ad campaigns and t better deal with them. Give it a  go and tell us how great or well, not so great t is!

9) Sphere:
This new extension is all the rage these days.  It delivers content to your virtual doorstep, based on your browsing history.  The more you search and navigate, the better results you get.  Sphere has been developed by, which is a company dealing with the paid delivery of content.  Outbrain brings to you the joy of discovery of new things that are both relevant and important.  With time the extension gets a better idea of what content to deliver, making way for a more richer, better experience, all on your New Tab page!

 10)  Extensity:
We’ve talked about a lot of  extensions in this article and the previous one, but to sum it up, one extension that really deserves mentioning is Extensity.  It is basically an extension manager for Chrome that operates from the toolbar itself.  It allows users to enable or disable extensions right from the toolbar, thus making the process of managing plenty of extensions easier!  Try it on for size!

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