10 Google Chrome Extensions you must have | Double your productivity on...

10 Google Chrome Extensions you must have | Double your productivity on the Internet!


You’re online looking up reference articles for your upcoming project and there is the sudden urge to check out that notification on Facebook, or wander around to see if anyone re-tweeted your 140 epic characters, or take a look at that cat picture you swear is funny, or forwarding videos to a friend that might like it, or this and that.

Before you know it, you have been sucked into the black hole of procrastination. The internet is a distracting thing, that sometimes compels you to venture off path.  These, here are Google Chrome extensions that are sure to help you to work more and procrastinate less while online.  Check these out and let us know which ones you plan on installing in the comments!

1) LastPass:
Remembering passwords becomes a pain after a while and for those who are frequently online, it is also a necessity.  With this extension, it is possible to save all your passwords – securely, and forget them all!
Well, you’ll still need to remember the one password that you need to access the top-secret list of all your saved passwords. You can categorise your passwords any way you want and set the extension to log you off automatically when you close all chrome windows. A handy extension to have, wouldn’t you agree?

Sometimes, web pages are too damn cluttered to make sense of anything! Theres’ their ads and their info and their social network plugins, and the ever-irritating Read More…or Next Page..link.  These are simply put, big put-offs when reading online.

With Readability, it all gets better.  Sign up for an account, add the extension and there you go- now just click on Read Now to clear all clutter and read on a streamlined page, Read later, for well, reading later and Send to Kindle to well, again, sending to Kindle. A must try extension for sure!  Also useful is AutoPagerize, which allows users to read articles broken up into multiple pages in one single preloaded page! Also see, Clearly!

3) Google Dictionary:
You’re reading, you’re reading and you come across a word that is all hard to define and what-not. What do you do? You select and search google, is what you do. No! You simply double click! And a popup appears and tells you the meaning of the word.  Want more meaning? Click on more to make the extension take you to that which you were about to do — take you to google.  Save word history and share with other extensions, or download as CSV file to read later! GRE, anyone?

4) Boomerang for Gmail:
Even though some email providers have come up with scheduled email, Google hasn’t done so and that causes problems. Not anymore, boomerang allows you to schedule emails and repeat them if unreplied in a set time, or set mails, if another regular email is not replied to. It can also add repetitive emails that’ll go on and on and on — till you stop them! A great extension, which doesn’t eat a lot of space and gives great value!

5) Synata:
If you live in the clouds…we mean if all your stuff is in cloud storage it could become difficult to remember where each file is stored, especially for those of us who are utterly disorganised.  Enter Synata — the cloud storage search tool, which when connected to all your cloud services, allows you to simply search and find the file you are looking for and going directly to the file – bypassing the cloud server itself. Quick and clean! Just the way we like it. : )

6) Panic Button:
We all know the feeling when there is someone about to approach us and we couldn’t risk them the contents of our screen — for whatever reasons. Panic button, is the solution to all that.  Whenever in doubt, hit panic and all your open tabs will be saved, but securely hidden. Nothing to worry about and all at the click of one single button. The beauty though is that for re-opening later, again only one click would suffice. If you want no-one else to be able to open up your treasure trove of web-pages, simply set a password to that effect and – voila! – problem solved! Also set a ‘safe page’ to be taken to when under duress. All, with one click.

7) Adblock and Adblock Plus:
Bored of ads that pop up inspite of the pop-up blocker with chrome? Then adblock and adblock plus are the extension for you. Helping the page load times, these extensions remove all ads from web pages, and even from sites like Facebook and YouTube. No ads, means less clutter and a better browsing experience!  One wonders if things could get any better. Free worldwide Wi-Fi maybe?  A must have extension is you hate the advertisements that sites force on us, or even if you just would rather not have them.

 8) HTTPS Everywhere:
If you are also a security freak and would like to have as secure a connection as possible – install HTTPS Everywhere. For the geek seeker HTTPS is basically HTTP Secure, and HTTPS Everywhere, imported from Firefox – that great rival of Chrome, renders web pages with unsecure content removed. Although the pages may look funky, that is because the page layout may get disturbed in sites that don’t have adequate support for HTTPS.  A great extension to install!

9) The Poetica Button:
There is always someone who can do something better than you do and writing anything is not an exception. And instead of copying the wole thing and then emailing it someone, use Poetica! This is an online tool that allows users to suggest edits and make them – if approved — to whatever someone is writing at the moment – in real time! It is fun, what with all the markers and colored pens and efficient and neat. Give it a spin, you’ll maybe like it!

 10) The Great Suspender:

The great Suspender is an extension that allows you to put is suspended animation tabs that eat up your memory and slow down other processes.  This can be done either via manual clicking or by setting the extension to suspend tabs after a set duration of inactivity. So next time, don’t wait for Chrome to lag, suspend the culprit and just like suspened pants, you could always put them back on! 



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