Featured Internship Story | Utkarsh Mishra tells us about his time as...

Featured Internship Story | Utkarsh Mishra tells us about his time as the Google Student Ambassador!


I was the Google Student Ambassador for my college from August last year to July this year. I came to know about the opportunity through my college, applied and got selected.

The program started with a total of 270 Google Ambassadors, from various colleges across the country, being called to the Google Summit in Goa, few of which also included students from abroad as well. We were briefed more about our responsibilities and privileges as Google Student Ambassado, after which we set out to explore beaches and had a lot of fun together. It helped me network with like-minded people, a few of whom I kept in touch afterwards as well.

As a Google Campus Ambassador, I did my part of contribution by helping in managing and organizing 17 city Level events along with 4 state level events in a time span of 1 year, out of which, the few major events included – Election Campaign in Lucknow, Google Ad Mob challenge, Google Envision, Teachers Training Program and Google Mega Bucks.

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For the Election Campaign, we worked directly with Mr. Omesh Sinha, Election Campaign Manager, Uttar Pradesh, where we got a massive footfall of 20,000 students, with whom we worked with extensively for 12 days.

As a part of the Ad Mob Challenge, we organized a work shop for students on campus who were given tips on how  to polish their Mobile App Development skills, from none other than the Google Developers – Mr. Vikram Singh and Mr. Nishant – themselves. They also held a small quiz session and a practical test after the workshop. In the end, we were supposed to recommend the best students from the workshop to the Google for their national level Hackathon event.

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Google Mega Bucks was a promotional event that allowed students to earn virtual money by answering questions related to Google products. More right answers gave you more virtual money, which could later be used for redeeming exciting prizes like guitar, laptops and more.

Google Envision and Teachers Training Program were two introductory events in which we were introduced to the various apps, features, services and products of Google, We got a decent crowd of 2000-3000 students from Lucknow itself for the student-side event. A similar event was then later organized for the teachers as well.

The trip to the Google Office at the end of the program was especially amazing, fully funded by Google and an unforgettable experience, that took place on July 17, 2014. We had the great opportunity of meeting Mr. Deepak Sridar, Program Manager at Google and a few of his colleagues, who thanked us for playing a vital role in the Ambassador Program. We later had a Pizza party.

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There are several memorable moments that I can think of throughout my ambassador prgram, be it the Google Summit at Goa, or the visit to the Google Office in Bangalore, but my high point was when one of my college juniors walked upto me and told me that he ‘wants to be like me’.

The more I learned during my time as the Google Student Ambassador, the more I realized how much there is left to be learned. Starting from overall personality development to creating MOUs for several sponsers, this internship gave me a chance to be confident, open upto people and express myself accordingly along with my thoughts and ideas, which was unlikely of me as a person before.

I would like to thank Google Program Manager Mr Deepak Sridhar along with Dean Student welfare Babi Banrasi Das University, Dr S.M.K Rizvi Sir, Training & Placement Head Dr. Deepak Singh sir.

 To conclude, I learnt how to not hesitate in trying new things and as the Google Student Ambassador’s tagline goes – ‘Do cool things that matter.

Utkarsh Mishra is a Computer Science student at Babu Banarasi Das University, Lucknow.

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