Intern Update – Government Internships Vs Internships In Private Sector

Intern Update – Government Internships Vs Internships In Private Sector


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There is a constant struggle between choosing private jobs or to compete for government profiles. The scenario is known to all.

But now that internships are increasingly getting important and are becoming an integral part of career building process, there is a necessity to choose between private internships and government internships too.

There are certain differences between the two and both come with their own pros and cons. The decision, therefore, should be made by analyzing all the related aspects.

Let’s start with understanding the differences which reflect its pros and cons:


Differentiation on the basis of various factors:

Intake: Government internships are offered by government-owned enterprises and often the dedicated ministries. The number of government internships available are limited in this sector. Privately owned companies are flexible with their intake and normally there are abundant opportunities to apply for.

Application and Selection Process: As the number of intern requirement is lesser in the government sector, the application and selection process is cumbersome as well as competitive. Private internships are easier to get through if you have a desirable resume and required skills.

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Stipend: The stipend depends on the industry. The government internships mostly follow their pre-defined pay structure. Private companies do or do not offer stipends. Though companies of good stature in the private sector offer quite a lucrative sum to their interns.

Learning Opportunities: In the government sector, learning is mostly based on your own dedication and will. Internships in private sector might not provide you the best stipend always, but learning opportunities are abundant and there is great exposure to industry-related work.

Future Opportunities: Private-sector internships can often lead to pre-placement offers depending on your performance throughout the internships. On the other hand, the job sector is separated in the government sector and hence there is no chance you can land a job depending on government internships alone.

Worth: The worth of your internship is based on how much you were able to learn out of it. But theoretically, government internships put more weightage to your resume than private internships, other than when the company you interned with have great value in the market.

Other Criteria

The above are the general factors which differentiate the two sectors. But narrowing down to more specific aspects, it depends largely on the industry in which you are seeking an internship. For example, if you are looking for an internship in India in the IT sector, the privately owned companies are much more capable given the government sector isn’t that much developed in this domain.

On the other hand, for medical students, government-owned hospitals are more experience rich and provides a great exposure to real and hands-on practice. Interning at a private hospital is learning mostly through observation rather than self-practicing.

So, there’s no set rule that what works for one will work for all.

Also, there are some sectors and job roles where government internships are negligible. These include content writing, graphic designing, journalism, etc. Private internships are the only option here.


As a conclusive thought, it can be said that there’s no direct battle between government internships and private internships, not yet at least. Both have their own benefits. And the best thing is if you are active from the very start, you can earn an experience in both sectors by starting much before your final year. That would be an added bonus for your job resume as well!