3 reasons why a Master’s degree is better for you than a...

3 reasons why a Master’s degree is better for you than a job!


unemployed-college-gradsYou are fresh out of college or probably in your final semester waiting to break out into the world and explore your new found freedom. This is around the time your friends think about pursuing a masters and going abroad, while you say to yourself:

“Hey! I’ll maybe take a break for a year, get a job, and think about pursuing a master’s later.

Think Again! What if you were told that a master’s could be a speedy ticket to the awesome career you dream of?

That’s right! A master’s degree could pave the way to a fulfilling job with the attractive pay grade you have always desired, from that attractive employer you’ve always dreamt of working for!

Any employer would evaluate a prospective employee based on the following three areas:
1. Technical Expertise.
2. Professionalism.
3. Ability to work in a team.

Employability Doughnut:

Now, let’s see how a master’s will help you ace all these requirements!

1. Technical Expertise – A master’s degree has a higher academic standard than that of an undergraduate degree. A specialization just helps you enhance and diversify into specific areas that you would love to work in. Employers look for specialists who have acquired proficiency in a particular skill. Preferably, a jack of all trades and master of some.

2. Professionalism – During a master’s degree, student-teacher dynamics are no longer the same. Rather, you and your peers are fellow researchers working in the field. This experience will give you the conversation skills, work-ethics and confidence to enable you to walk into a workplace as a professional, rather than as a graduate or an intern.

3. Ability to Work in a Team – Working on your research project during your master’s gives you a chance to understand how to collaborate with others to get a job done and how to be more dependable. This also helps you network better and get your name out there in the right professional circles.

Now that we have seen how exactly a master’s degree will boost these areas in your employability chart, let’s take a look at the ROI you will get from a master’s program:

The table above shows you how exactly you can have a monetary edge over the bachelor’s crowd in different fields.

Think of it this way – a Jedi Knight cannot simply become a Jedi Master; the transformation only happens once he shows great skill, devotion, discipline, and masters the use of the Force.

Now that you’ve seen what wonders a Master’s program can do to your career, we’ll leave you with this invigorating thought –

“You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else.” – Albert Einstein

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