5 Habits bosses don’t want to see at work!

5 Habits bosses don’t want to see at work!


pexels-photo-578251. Complaining:

Your boss does not want to sit and listen to you complain about your work load or your colleagues. The idea is to solve your problems on your own. Do not while away your time complaining. It creates negativity and is most definitely a waste of time since complaining is not solving any kind of problem.

2. Running everything by the boss:

People tend to run everything by the boss for different reasons. They probably want that particular task to be delegated to another employee, hoping to be spoon fed or just need a confirmation because they are unsure. Stop doing that. Research. Do the work and then you could confirm with your boss. Doing it any other way shows a lack in productivity and no will to work hard.

3. Seeking credit for ‘everything’:

If your constant concern is the amount of recognition and credit you will get for your work then it is a clear sign that you do not really care too much about your role. The idea isn’t to forget about getting credit where it’s due, but understanding that organizations are dependent on team work and most projects you are going to be part of, will have other individuals working on the same. It is important to work in synergy with your team-mates, valuing experienced opinions over yours, being open to taking up additional responsibilities, and asking help when needed.

4. Making excuses:

Productivity is the most important thing at your job, and productivity does not go well with excuses. Your boss will know when you are making excuses. It is understandable that sometime you will make an excuse, everybody does that, however it should not become a habit. excuses on a daily basis can really put off your boss and he/she will never respect you for your work or as an individual.

5. Putting things off for later:

Do your work in time. In fact try to beat the deadlines. Putting it off for later is no good. It shows lack of motivation and productivity. It usually starts off with small tasks but before you know it, it can become a habit.

Apart from this it is important to keep in mind the basics. Make sure you are in time, efficient with your work, you are dressing appropriately, you have a positive body language etc.




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