The Man Who Built His House Around His Prized Possession.

The Man Who Built His House Around His Prized Possession.


It’s midnight and we’re searching the interwebz for something to inspire, dazzle or enlighten us. After a bit of a search, we stumble upon an image that makes our eyes open wide and makes our jaws drop. If you’re an automobile junkie, this one will get your attention!

Holger Schubert is a 43 year old architect, designer and believer of minimalism from Los Angeles. In 2009, Schubert won Maserati’s Garage Competition – a search for the finest architectural garages. The garage, which shares the space with his workspace/art gallery/living room won him the prize. It has a breath-taking view of the ocean and its main attraction – a Ferrari 512 BBi.

Schubert says the primary purpose of his garage-cum-living room is to focus on the car, which is a piece of art. His love affair with the 512BBi began when he was 15 years old and accidentally got his hands on a brochure of the car; not easily available otherwise. Since then, his search for the right car spanned 11 years and 3 continents, till he finally found it in Newport Beach, California.

What makes Ferrari – 512-bbi special is not only the fact that it is a collector edition, but also that there were only 1007 units that were built in the first place.

“I wanted to create a backdrop for the car as a piece of art,” Schubert said last year after winning the architectural magazine’s contest. “This is a space whose only purpose is to enjoy the car.”

Apart from a built-in bookstore and a flat screen TV, the living room that serves as the home for his most prized possession, also consists of a hydraulic pump that lifts the front end of the Ferari up, so that Schubert can coast it out on to a 10 feet long and 15 feet wide bridge, without turning on the engine. This leaves no chance of fumes inside the house.

This has of course, come with a price. 2 years ago, the Los Angeles City Planners withdrew the permission from Schubert for using the bridge that connects his living room to the parking spot, following the protest from his neighbors, who argued that the bridge would not only  a safety hazard, but also served as a developmental precedent.

Here’s what Schubert has to say about his garage, and of course, his car –




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