Honest College Reviews: 5 Things to know about Gargi College

Honest College Reviews: 5 Things to know about Gargi College

Intellect, activities and college life in a constant state of flux - that's Gargi College for you. Here, we acknowledge 5 things only Gargi insiders know.


Things to know about Gargi College's vibrant environment. (Image; DU Beat)
Things to know about Gargi College’s vibrant environment. (Image; DU Beat)

Gargi College, a reputed women’s college from the coveted Delhi University’s South Campus, is a hub for knowledge, debate and more in Arts, Humanities, Commerce and Education streams. Established in 1967, the College takes its name from an enlightened woman named Gargi from the Vedic Age. In the Upanishads, Gargi represents the potential of the race in
terms of intellect.

Being one of the best colleges under Delhi University, there is intense competition amongst students to enter its hallowed grounds. Every year, lakhs of students from all over India apply for the seats at different Delhi University colleges.

The procedure for admission in Gargi College has been simplified of late as the whole process has been taken online. So students don’t have to wait for long hours to collect or deposit Delhi University admission forms. Based on the applicant’s marks, the College releases cut-off lists till all seats have been filled. For Gargi, in 2017-18, eight cut-off lists had been released, denoting that it is a fairly popular college to apply for.

Made it? Here are 5 things that only insiders in Gargi College would know:

1. ID Card Please:

As soon as students complete the college admissions procedure, they get to join the dynamic and diverse crowd at the College. If there is one thing that every Gargi student hates, it is having to show the Identity Card at the gate every time you enter. There are no exceptions for anyone in this regard, be it a first year or a last year student.

2. See you at the Foyer:

The Audi Foyer is the place where you will find hip people whiling away their time. Availability of a good WiFi connection and a nerve centre for activities, the foyer sees ad-hoc practice rounds from the drama society as well.

3. Nescafe Court:

The Nescafe Court is where gossip happens over the differen beverages that the place makes available. You will hear intense debates on a range of topics, from whether Keynesian Economics needs to make way to whether Shahrukh Khan has lost his charm.

4. Sports Ground:

The Sports Ground remains largely unused for its actual purpose but it provides students with one of the best hangout spots and girls can be seen huddled over in groups, chattering away.

5. Botanical Garden:

The Botanical Garden at Gargi is another beautiful attraction. The greenery soothes the eyes and is perfect for breaking away with the fast city life.

However, after knowing the things to know about Gargi College, it will be wrong to assume that Gargi is all about just having fun as it is home to few of the best minds in the country.

Honourable Mentions:

1. The Library:

To nurture this intellect, the College has a huge library with separate reading and lending sections. The library also subscribes to a number of newspapers and periodicals. E-resources are also made available to students.

2. National Seminars:

The College organises national seminars that are inter-disciplinary in nature every year, thus helping students understand the connection between various disciplines. Workshops are conducted regularly besides the usual classes to keep students updated with the latest in their respective disciplines.

Because of the fact that Gargi College has students from a diverse selection of streams, it provides students with the chance to develop an all-round education. The flavour we provide here is but a small sample of the heady brew you would find inside this college. And if you’re one of the few who are steeped in this brew, do reach out to us with your own experiences in the comments section below.

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