Honest College Reviews: 5 Things You Should Know About Ramjas College

Honest College Reviews: 5 Things You Should Know About Ramjas College

Getting an admission in DU's Ramjas College is an aspirational high, especially for science stream students. Here are some of the thing you will find here.


5 Things you need to know about Ramjas College. (Image: NDTV)
5 Things you need to know about Ramjas College. (Image: NDTV)

Talking about Delhi University admission, getting into the north campus colleges is the first preference for most students. Moreover, getting an admission in Ramjas College is an aspirational high on its own – especially if you’re coming from a science background.

As part of our ongoing college reviews, based on inputs we’re receiving from students from these colleges, let’s look at some of the unknown facts about Ramjas. We welcome you to leave your own list of items in the comments section below.

5 things to know about Ramjas College:

1. Friendly Staff

You must have heard before that teachers in DU are very friendly and cooperative. This is not as true for other colleges as is for Ramjas College. You can even spot teachers sitting with students in the college lawns and discussing things. And if you are hard working and earning your college fees on your own, you will see how cooperative the staff is in terms of maintaining attendance and keeping up with academics!

2. Hangout zones:

Yes, most colleges in north and south campuses are known for the places, nooks and crannies where students hang out. At Ramjas College, these include the famous ‘Sutta Lane’ or the
three-storey canteen (yes, you read that right). Moreover, one of the floors of this canteen is even air conditioned. Well, that’s cool, isn’t it?

3. Historical background:

Admission in Ramjas College is not only cool but a matter of pride for Ramjas-ites, as they call themselves. The college is one of the oldest colleges of University of Delhi and has a rich history attached to it. The first college campus was in Anand Parbat area, which had been inaugurated by the Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi.Moreover, after the partition, the college had

Moreover, after the partition, the college decided to operate in two shifts, to lend a helping hand to the education needs of students migrating to India from the newly-created Pakistan (especially those from Lahore University). One shift was affiliated to the University of Delhi while the other to Lahore University.

4. Hotbed of Student Politics:

We talk about DU politics and Ramjas students are the first to come up to our minds. Not only does the college enthusiastically participate in the university elections and celebrate the winner with great pomp and show, but is also known for its never ending strikes.

So, students make sure they are heard and their demands are met. And ensure that they carry this tradition in whichever life pursuit they take up – just ask Manoj Bajpai, Prakash Jha, Somnath Bharti, Papon and a host of other alumni from Ramjas College.

 The ‘Rainforest’

Yes, it’s a title it has earned for the greenery that surrounds the red building of the college. A green campus known for a nearly dense foliage cover come every monsoon, it gives shutter bugs and those seeking a peaceful refuge an eyeful of nature.

If you are starting school with the college this season, we hope the facts charged you enough for an energetic future ahead! And if you liked this story on Ramjas College, we suggest you look into our previous ones here:

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