Honest Review: 5 Things To Know about Lady Irwin College

Honest Review: 5 Things To Know about Lady Irwin College

A heritage building, at the nerve centre of New Delhi? Here are 5 Things you should know about Lady Irwin College which only insiders would let you know!


Students from the Street Play society at Lady Irwin College. (Image: Facebook)
Students from the Street Play society at Lady Irwin College. (Image: Facebook)

Lady Irwin College, established in 1932 is under the University of Delhi since 1950. A women’s college which offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses, mostly in Food Technology and Home Sciences, the first thing you notice about this place is the heritage look and feel.

Having an illustrious ancestry, the buildings of the college campus have been classified and protected as heritage sites by the Government. While you may find ample of academic and historical facts about the college, it’s something only insiders talk about, especially when one is looking for college reviews or information on college admissions.

So let’s have a look at the 5 things you must know about Lady Irwin College:

1. Centrally Located:

One of the best things about the college is its location. The college is situated in the cultural hub of Delhi – Bengali Market along with Connaught Place being just at a stone’s throw away from the campus. Art Galleries, museums, exhibition grounds, theatres, music and dance facilities are accessible within a radius of a kilometre, which is very convenient for the students, especially for those interested in such co-curricular activities.

The college is also well connected with the Delhi Metro and is very close to ITO, from where you can get a DTC bus to almost anywhere in the city.

2. Bitter Sugar

Often for being a home science hub, the college is expected to have a great canteen offering scrumptious food but unfortunately, it doesn’t. Compared to other facilities in the campus, students have been known to call the canteen quite downgrade, even unhygienic at times.

The saviour, then, is the location of the college, helping students with have found delicious alternatives nearby. A recommendation is The Sri Ram Centre Auditorium, located 5 minutes away, with a nice canteen.

3. Popular Art societies:

The most attractive factor of this college is the assortment of actively running fashion and dance societies. These societies give tough competition to other colleges in the university, as well as other universities across India.

Despite being a Home Science college, many of the well-known alumni of Lady Irwin College are either actors or fashion designers.

4. Limited Choices

Lady Irwin College completed its 85 years of establishment in the current academic session. The majority, however, don’t consider it due to its limited course offerings. The college has incorporated additional courses over the years, but the perception has remained.

5. Hostel within the Campus:

It is one of the few colleges where the hostel is within the campus making it extremely convenient for residential students to reach the college and make the best use of services like the library, sports courts, auditoriums etc.

Owing to this, you can spot so many students coming to classes in their pyjamas!

Lady Irwin College is not a common choice for students unless they are clear that their career options would revolve around home science, acting and singing. If yes, then this is one of the top colleges for these streams – with exceptional faculty and study facilities around them. And you also get all those co-curricular and academic tours around the country as a bonus!

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