Honest Reviews: 5 Things To Know About Aligarh Muslim University

Honest Reviews: 5 Things To Know About Aligarh Muslim University

Aligarh Muslim University has gained a global reputation for academic excellence. Here are 5 cultural points that only insiders here can tell you about.


Students at the Aligarh Muslim University (Image: Indian Express)
Students at the Aligarh Muslim University (Image: Indian Express)

Say Aligarh and the first thought that comes to your mind is ‘Oh! It’s where the Aligarh Muslim University is.’ But it’s not just that, it’s not for nothing that the university has gained aplomb during all these years. The foundation of the university goes back to the days before independence and even today, many buildings and places in the vicinity of the university reflect culture from that era. Aligarh

Aligarh Muslim University has gained an excellent reputation globally leading students from many countries to take admission in the university every year. But apart from its academic excellence, there are many things about AMU, you must not have heard of. In typical ‘Aligarian’ terms, these are known as AMU traditions. So, let’s look at the top 5 things/traditions about AMU that you must know!

1. Order and Discipline

Yes, order and discipline is a characteristic which every college promotes and try to maintain in within their premises but Aligarh Muslim University has a different line of tradition or ‘tehzeeb’ which defines order and discipline there. For example, you just cannot gatecrash into anybody’s room except yours until you have knocked and waited for an affirmation. There’s an untold dress code which is followed in the university where one can’t wear folded sleeves or overtly casual dresses to classrooms and social functions/gatherings.

2. Respect for everyone

The polite addressing to each other isn’t just limited to language here. And, the recipients of polite behaviour aren’t only the seniors and professors. Not only do the students talk politely among themselves, but there’s rule regarding addressing anyone from the canteen/mess staff as well. If you are new here, you should know that you don’t call dining hall attendants as waiters or anything else that disrespects them.

You can ask for their name and add ‘miyan’ or ‘bhai’ to it. The idea behind the concept is to treat them with complete respect.

3. The perfect host culture

“A guest is a guest”. Any student’s guest should be treated as a guest by all. Moreover, Aligarians (as they are known by) are very generous about treating people. If one is to give a treat to friends/roommates, he is to spend at least sixteen rupees as is set by the rule “Chausanth (64) chawanni ka fatiha”. The denomination is set to 25 paisa coins so as to make the figure look big and respectable.

Also, if seniors and juniors are eating together somewhere, the seniors are to bear the bills.

4. Public Gatherings

The environment of the university is Muslim dominated and holds a high belief in Muslim scriptures. All public gatherings, functions, and events start with a recitation of a few verses of the holy Quran and end with the University Tarana (AMU’s theme song).

5. Numaish

It’s the best time of the year for everyone in and around the university. ‘Numaish’ is the annual fest of the university which is organised at a grand level and everyone in Aligarh makes it a point to register their attendance at least in one of the days.

Along with the cultural programs, the fest presents a complete ‘mela’ like environment with colourful shops and even swings for entertainment and frolic. It’s one of the highlights of the university that Aligarians boast of, and it’s totally worth it!These traditions have enriched the culture of AMU through years of confluence and intermingling of

These traditions have enriched the culture of AMU through years of confluence and intermingling of educated minds keeps inspiring and attracting the generation next to be the torch bearer of its traditions. So, if you by any chance are thinking of getting into the deemed university for academic education, these tips will help you sync in pretty soon there!

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