Honest Reviews: 5 Things to know about Gautam Buddha University

Honest Reviews: 5 Things to know about Gautam Buddha University

A comparatively new university, Gautam Buddha University practices and professes a balanced approach to academia and a healthy lifestyle in body and mind. Here is what you should know about it.


An artistic representation of Gautam Buddha University. (Image: CP Kukreja)
An artistic representation of Gautam Buddha University. (Image: CP Kukreja)

Situated in Gautam Buddha Nagar, Greater Noida, Gautam Buddha University is a comparatively new university started under the State government of Uttar Pradesh. Even though new, the university is already making a mark with the academic and all-encompassing development, catering to students from nearby areas.

The university offers quite an extensive range of undergraduate, post-graduate and research courses for students from various streams, all of them living within the same boundaries of an all-residential university. Here are five top things you should know about Gautam Buddha University:

Here are five top things you should know about Gautam Buddha University:

Buddhist Architecture:

The entire campus is constructed on the idea of Buddhist architecture. It was designed in such a way that the earth and sky seem to touch at a distance – created from locally sourced materials and traditional elements. The university campus has lattices, domes and sunshades, which allow ample sunshine through; to even be the main source of lighting for many areas, like the library.

Hostel Activities

As it’s a residential university, the hostel is a great place to bond with your fellow mates. The hostel room has facilities like common rooms with television screens for entertainment. Every hostel also has its own badminton, volleyball, and table tennis courts, open to everyone, without any time restrictions.

Overall, the university focuses on open-minded education to young fellows, without bounding them with strict rules. However, the freedom is to be exercised only within the campus. Fair enough!

Meditation Centre

Something that’s quite unique here from other universities is the meditation centre to provide a place of peace from ones hectic and busy everyday schedule. As the university is based on Buddhist ideologies, meditation is given much importance here.

For the very reason, the meditation centre is open to all and is compulsory for all students to attend at least 1-2 classes in a week. Definitely, a good initiative and a good approach to a healthy lifestyle!

GBU’s shopping centre

The university is far away from the main city and the nearest village is Kasna, along with improper local transportation. If you need something, then you need to travel kilometres from the university but this shopping centre takes care of all the students’ necessities.

Everything is available in this shopping complex and it saves you from the unnecessary struggle in local Buses.

Thoughtful infrastructure:

The university campus is spread over an area of 500 acres, and to explore the university, the only option is by foot. It’s somehow deliberate that there are no means of transport available within the university.

The idea behind it is to keep the nature clean and healthy along with promoting a healthy and fit life by walking around the campus for managing one’s chores.

All in all, it’s the ideology of the university that is aiding is growth by every passing year. More and more students are now applying to get into the university and it’s definitely one of the good choices available to pick as your career-shaping phase.

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