Hottest Internships of the day from Disney, Microsoft and IBM!

Hottest Internships of the day from Disney, Microsoft and IBM!


1. Intern – Studios, Disney

Location: Mumbai
Duration: 3 months

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BMS, BMM or B com graduates with excellent communication skills and proficient in MS Office.


  • Collating National newspapers clips collected from tracking agency daily.
  • Daily E-paper checking.
  • TV news clips (coordination with monitoring agency).
  • Online tracking of all stories.
  • Create daily update reports.
  • Coordinating with press on event days.

2. Intern – Software Development Engineer, Microsoft
Location: Hyderabad
Financials: Microsoft pays salaries that are competitive in the marketplace.

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If you’re interested in a technical job, a degree in computer science (CS) is usually helpful. (While we don’t require a degree, it typically provides the kind of experience we need.) Solid experience in the CS field, work on CS projects outside your regular course work, and a great GPA are also nice to have on your resume. For any technical position, regardless of your degree, we look at the skills you’ve gained through your education and experience.

3. Project Trainee(Cloud & Mobile), IBM
Location: Bangalore, Gurgaon, Hyderabad

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Skill required:

  • Linux containers and Docker, Installation , Docker configuration exposure.
  • Understanding of Content Data network.
  • Shell scripts , java scripts , java and database knowledge.
  • Additionally skills on open source tools viz. cordova aka Phonegap, Jquery Mobile, Sencha Touch, HTML 5, Native programming on Android, iOS will be appreciated

IBM Cloud is focusing on building a world class cloud solutions focusing on various aspects at IaaS with Power and x86 infrastructure, PaaS, SaaS layers. The focus is also on Hybrid Cloud with IBM Cloud Manager with OpenStack which can Deploy a hybrid cloud with two regions (on-premise, softlayer) and connect to dedicated OpenStack cloud on SoftLayer (ICOS). IBM Cloud OpenStack-based cloud management solution (ICMwO) delivers the lowest infrastructure costs with highest utilization, run more workloads without needing to purchase more hardware.

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