How can you find off-campus placements?

How can you find off-campus placements?

Off-campus placements are not easy. Getting placed out of campus is a tedious job which requires lots of attention and effort. Lets guide you so that you can scoop a job!


Off campus placement tips
Not placed yet? Try off-campus placement. Source: Mereexams

Campus interviews were conducted within your institute and for some reason you were unable to procure a job opportunity for yourself. What to do in such a situation? Don’t worry, you are one of the hundred graduates who are rescued by off-campus placements! Let’s see how you can catapult your career with off-campus placements!

 How to get off-campus placements?

May be you didn’t get placed or may be you want more options in your kitty or you want to play safe, you want to apply for off-campus placements. Here are few tips that will help you.

Stay active in your Network: Always stay in touch with people you have known since first year- friends, seniors, relatives anyone. You never know who can help. Many ventures prefer recruits referred by current employees. Maintain contact with such resources and be active.

Off campus placement network
Build your network, stay active and get going!

Check company websites for updates: Companies regularly post vacancies on their websites. Keep a regular check to see what are the pre-requisites. Once you find a suitable vacancy, fill it in!

Off Campus placement drives: Companies looking for recruitment often call number of campuses to a common location. Students from these colleges can attend and apply. Look for opportunities where ventures like Shine organizes various off-campus placement drives. In such placement options, the number of applicants are high and so is the competition. So, you need to be prepared well.

Check online job hosting portals: Another option is to apply to companies through online portals like Myamcat,, TimesJob etc. All you are required to do is create your profile, upload your resume, enlist your skills and you are sorted!

off campus placements
Keep a check on online job portals

Take the AMCAT test: Write the AMCAT test and get a good score. All companies prefer students with decent AMCAT score, even if you don’t have the college brand name.

Ask your Principal to give you a letter of recommendation in the case you could not apply for on campus placements for genuine reasons. This might help you score a job. Even if you don’t score a big company, try working for a smaller company. You could focus on learning and brushing up your skills till the time you score a big one!

With these tips, try getting placed off-campus and let us know your opinions in the comments.