How taking up Drama in college changed my life. | By Nidhi...

How taking up Drama in college changed my life. | By Nidhi Choudhary,Student, Symbiosis Institute of Business Management.


The day came. I stood outside the audition room for the Drama Club. I was the next in line, all nervous and fidgety trying to recall and pinpoint the exact moment when I decided to take this very ‘unfortunate step.’
‘Why did I decide to put myself through this?’ I asked myself, repeatedly. ‘This isn’t even for me. This was a crazy idea.’
I looked around to see other contestants going over their lines and the core members sorting them out in numbers. I was going to a make a fool out of myself in front of everyone. I was sure of it. I was thinking a way out of this mess I had brought upon myself, while trying to calm myself down, remembering the rush I had felt while signing up for this, the hope and courage that I had conjured up in a few seconds then, that were set to bring out a huge change in my college life and otherwise.
 Two weeks earlier, I had sat across the stage, just another head lost in the audience, glancing between intervals at the red stage curtains, that were closed at the time.  I could hear the jittery and excited new batch of first year students all around me; murmuring away about the third day of their orientation, for which we had gathered there.

This day was when the students were given an insight of what college life had in store for them ahead, all through the director’s speech, several expositions  conducted by top industrialists, and lastly, an informal session with our seniors who had taken upon themselves to tell us about the little college hacks and how to make the most of the next few years in this institution.

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We were soon introduced to the college student council, which was supposed to be our voice for the entire year to come. The council representative spoke about the plan for that particular day; which also involved a sneak- peek into the clubs and sororities, the unveiling of our college fest, a discussion and questionnaire round about anything and everything.

The audience roared away as the day began. As each and every club came and took to the stage to tell us more about themselves with a short performance, I made a point to note down the contact details of different club representatives, especially the ones that looked familiar to what I had done in my high school, including – The Service Group: something I had been a constant part of back in the days, MUN and The Sports Club. This was when, a very serious, strict looking guy walked upto the stage, suited up for the occasion, gave a formal greeting, and starting talking about the  history of drama in our college, in a rather monotonous tone of voice. After several performances that had had us at the edge of our seats throughout the event, this led to everyone either slouching back and becoming silent, or striking conversation amongst themselves, paying little or no heed to what was up.

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Suddenly, a skinny tall boy burst open the main door and before we knew what was happening, the theme song of Pirates of the Caribbean made it’s way through the hall, along with the him staggering his way into the crowd, sporting a Jack Sparrow’s attire, complete with a bottle of rum. This was enough to get everyone’s spirits backup, and they cheered on as we had another person moving around playing  Professor ‘Virus’ from 3 idiots. The show went on for a while, and I was blown away, like everyone else, by the amount of talent that these people possessed.

That was it. This, exactly in this moment, I knew what I wanted.
I wanted to be them. I wanted to be a part the Drama Club, something that I’ve never tried my hand at, something that way beyond my comfort zone, and something that’d push me to engage in what I was tad bit hesitant about – Acting.

I heard my name being called, as I snapped back to the audition day. I gave an affirmative response and proceeded to follow a familiar looking guy into the room, who I realized was none other than the guy who had brought Professor ‘Virus’ to life, on the orientation day. That put the brightest smile on my face.

Let’s do this,’ I told myself, as I went on to deliver a satisfying performance, unsure if they’d even want someone like me when there were better students out there.

 I was woken up at 6 in the morning the very next day by a text that read,’Congratulations, you have been accepted to be in Dramebaaz – the Drama Club Crew. First meeting is today at 10 am.’ I was delighted to have overcome, if nothing else, at least the fear of taking the risk of trying something new that day. I never thought then, that that moment would lead up to something big, let alone become an integral part of my life.

Today, exactly a year later, I have represented my college in Drama, at more than 10 college festivals. I just gave two performances this week. Teachers, students, random strangers come up to me, to compliment my acting as I find myself traveling with Dramebaaz all over the country. I carry the title with myself now, proudly so. I am a Dramebaaz.

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I can go on and on about how drama has changed me, gave me confidence, made me a better speaker, and more comfortable in my own skin. I have a better understanding and new found respect for people who followed their heart into art. The continuous participation in Drama really does give you a better perspective on human emotions and an ability to appreciate them more, but more than anything else, it gave me the freedom to dream,  to try things outside the norms of your defined life,  to think out of the ordinary and normal routine, so when that now when I am presented with an opportunity to improve myself, I know I’d make a go for it.

I might fail, yes, but then what if I don’t? If you never ask the answer will always be no. If you never try, you will always fail, in fact you already have before you even got started.

The biggest loss would be to take away nothing from your crazy idea.

Nidhi Choudhary is pursuing her BBA+MBA from Symbiosis Institute of Management. She is currently a Content Writer intern for Letsintern.
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