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How these 11 startups are coming together for Chennai, and how you...

How these 11 startups are coming together for Chennai, and how you can, too!


1. Paytm:
Paytm started off with offering a free helpline, where you can call and get a recharge for your anyone you know in Chennai.

2. Uber: Uber decided to do their part, by clearing up the transit problem.

3. Zomato: Leading the food-tech industry in India, Zomato decided to take a leap further during the Chennai floods, in order to cover the need for food. They were soon met with a great response from people.

..and were also joined by the leading Investment firm – Sequoia.

Thank you @Sequoia_India for buying meals for a thousand people in Chennai.

4. Practo:
The healthcare app came up with an updated list of doctors and hospitals, in case of an emergency.

5. Zoom Car: The  car rental company focusing exclusively on self-drive, are offering free rides, too!

6. Big Basket: One of the largest online grocery ordering platform, also pitched in to solve the food crisis.

In addition, they are also constantly tweeting to help the people who are stuck in the floods.

7. LookUp: Lookup, the app that let’s you get things done by simply dropping a text, is offering a feature, through which you can open up your home in Chennai to accommodate people who are in no-safe zones.

8. Oyo Rooms: Oyo Rooms has gotten on-board to offer cheaper accommodation options for the city folks. 

9. Stayzilla:
The 5 year old startup that offers one of the largest marketplace for stays, has requested Chennai-ites to open their homes for people who don’t have a place to stay, during the floods.


10. Olacabs:
Olacabs is sending out (free) boats to to help out with the transportation of people, food, and basic essentials.


Not only this, they have collaborated with the Fire Department in Chennai, to help further with the commute.

They are tweeting out Safe-zones in the city, as well.

11. UrbanClap:
Delhi-based start-up offering a marketplace for all kinds of services – yoga teacher, photographer, guitar lessons, plumber – has offered a free pest control service for Chennai dwellers.




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