How To Apply For An Internship At ISRO

How To Apply For An Internship At ISRO



Indian Space Research Organization, a.k.a, ISRO; India’s façade to space odysseys and extraterrestrial research base.

ISRO is unarguably one of the pride wing of Indian government organizations, and thus, an opportunity to get an internship at ISRO is no less than a proud achievement for a student. Not only because of its huge brand name but getting to intern at ISRO can catapult you on the path of success and encourage you to keep aiming high.

However, the real question here is that how can you apply for an internship at ISRO?



SAC – Academic Associate Programme or SAC – AAP, is the official academic body of ISRO and provides internship opportunities in various domains which reflect the working of ISRO. These domains include, but are not restricted to – electronics, electrical, mechanical, civil, remote sensing, image processing, electro-optics, microwave and radars, etc.

All in all, ISRO has something or the other for anyone who belongs to the science field, is willing to work hard and can prove their mettle.

The three schemes of the Internship at ISRO

ISRO or SAC-AAP provides three different schemes of internships. These are –

  1. Work-experience internship or WEI – This internship is particularly offered to engineering students who are still studying and are looking to add experience to their profile. Students in their final year or semester of the college can apply for this internship.

The duration of the internship is 4 to 6 months

  1. Dissertation internship or DI – This internship is specifically offered to postgraduate students studying in any Indian college. The students get a chance to work with the scientists and engineers at SAC.

The internship duration is 6 to 12 months.

  1. Research Internship or RI – This internship is offered to PhD scholars working under any professor in an Indian institution. However, the catch here is that their thesis work should be relevant to the kind of work pursued in SAC.

The duration of the internship is 4 to 12 months.


Deadline for the internship

ISRO or SAC offers internships in two phases. The first session is for the month of June and the application deadline is 15th of April.

The second session starts in January and the deadline is November 15.

However, while all that is fine, the real trick is how you can apply for an internship at ISRO.


Applying for an internship at ISRO

There are three ways in which you can apply for an internship at ISRO. The first being that you can send them an email and enclose your resume and a cover letter along with it. The cover letter should include a proper salutation and why you want to work with ISRO.

You can talk about how you are a perfect fit for the internship opportunity and are eager to learn and grow as an individual.

The second method would be that you dig in the connections you have and see if you know someone who already works at ISRO. Ask them to recommend your name or send an internship request in your name.

The third method, which is widely accepted and appreciated by ISRO, is that you get someone from your institute to contact ISRO on your behalf. For that, you can talk to the Head of your Department or the Training and Placement officer at your institute and ask them to send a formal request on your behalf. Once you hear back from them, then you can further mail in your resume.

You can contact them at-


Human Resources Development Division

Space Applications Centre (ISRO)

Jodhpur Tekra

Ambavadi Vistar (Post)

Ahmedabad- 380015

However, keep it in mind that whichever method you choose, you should send in your internship request three months prior to the start of the internship.

Getting an internship at ISRO is no easy task. You need to be consistent in your efforts and ensure that your skills speak for you wherever you go.

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